Further Inspections Recommended by HomeBuyer Report in Plymouth

A HomeBuyer Report in Plymouth has been undertaken on a two storey terraced house with an internal garage.

The property was estimated to have been constructed in the late 19th century, though it has been the subject of conversion and extension works since that time.  The building’s accommodation was as follows:

  • Ground floor – bedroom, bathroom, integral garage
  • First floor - living/dining room, kitchen, bedroom

Located in an established residential area on a road besides structures of a similar age and style, the HomeBuyer Report in Plymouth commented that the home was located in a pleasant and convenient district of the city.

Problems Found Outside the Property

One slipped and one missing tile were found on the rear section of the sloping roof where the guttering adjoins that of the neighbouring property. The Residential Surveyor warned that water may begin to enter the structure (if it is not already doing so).

The guttering itself was full of debris, according to the HomeBuyer Report in Plymouth. This may prevent good drainage, particularly at times of heavy rainfall.

Problems Found Inside the Property

The condition inside the building was generally good. However, the roof space was inaccessible. The scope of a HomeBuyer Report does not authorise the Surveyor to inspect woodwork or other parts of the structure that are covered, unexposed or inaccessible.

Subsequently, the possibility of wood rot or wood boring insects could not be ruled out by the report. In cases such as these, a more specialist survey may be advised. The Fridaysmove team can advise you on and provide the survey that most suits you.

Problems Found Inside the Garage

Again, this section of the HomeBuyer Report in Plymouth expressed a general satisfaction but expressed a warning: the ceiling to the garage may contain asbestos. It would be prudent, in my opinion, to consult a specialist Asbestos Surveyor to examine this possibility.

Not Quite Total Satisfaction from the HomeBuyer Report in Plymouth

This case represents a, frankly, annoying outcome. The ideal result from a Home Buyers Survey is a 100% clean bill of health. Failing this, a client may hope for a detailed itinerary of repair work that can be estimated and used to negotiate the price of a home.

The HomeBuyer Report in Plymouth exhibits advice of a third kind: “Things seem to be Okay, but it’s probably best to get a specialist in to look at this and that”. Frustrating for the client. Especially as it is not all that common. But a sight better than signing on the dotted line without enquiring in the first place.