Fridaysmove Conveyancing Solicitor finds important restrictions on house in Nottingham.

Fridaysmove was instructed to handle the Conveyancing for Mr & Mrs L on the sale of their detached house in West Bridgford, the attractive suburb of Nottingham.

A sought after part of Nottingham, West Bridgford lies on the south side of the river Trent, and although it is now one of the most prestigious areas of Nottingham and it lies within the area of Rushcliffe District Council.

This confuses many people as Nottingham County Hall, the administrative headquarters of Nottingham County Council, is also located in this area.

Haart (14-15 Tudor Square, Nottingham NG2 6BT office) introduced the buyers at a price of nearly £290, 000.

As soon as Fridaysmove Nottingham Conveyancer Laura Gill received the sales particulars, she downloaded an official copy of the sellers' title and plan from the Land Registry and prepared and sent the draft contract and other relevant documents to the buyer’s Conveyancers, Barnetts Solicitors, to enable them to proceed with the Conveyancing work on behalf of the buyer as quickly as possible.

An interesting feature of the this particular district of Nottingham is that much of the land in the area was originally owned by just one family, and when they sold land for development in the nineteenth century they applied strict planning restrictions to the area, and the premium-quality houses were built on a grid of tree lined streets.

The existence of these restrictions seems to have kept the area looking very much the same as it was originally planned, and this, together with its close proximity to Nottingham City centre, makes the area a sought-after residential location and has kept local property prices at an ‘aspirational’ level.

Covenants or restrictions of this nature are often found by Solicitors on the titles of older properties, and in the days before modern planning legislation they were imposed when landowners were selling land for development and (in those days of much shoddy house construction) they wanted to ensure that their land was developed to a high standard.

Although in many parts of the country such restrictions are now often ignored, they can still be important and Nottingham Conveyancing Solicitors acting for buyers will need to make pertinent investigations.   The existence of these restrictions is revealed in the Land Registry title, so that purchaser's Conveyancers will become aware of them and will want to check that the sellers have not carried out any work or done anything else which would be in breach of the covenants.

Consequently the Conveyancing Solicitor in Nottingham acting for the seller will need to obtain relevant information from his or her clients, and will stress the importance of giving accurate information.

The sale of this property was completed in January 2010, exchange of contracts and completion were effected on the same day and Fridaysmove was congratulated on its’ service by the sellers.