Fridaysmove-approved Solicitor thoroughly investigates planning history during York purchase

Results from the local authority search carried out during the Conveyancing in York transaction handled by Sunita Saini in August 2010 revealed a series of planning permissions which were further investigated.   The planning authority at York City Council (Library Square, York, YO1 7DU) was helpful in providing Sunita with all of the relevant completion certificates and documents for the granted permissions.

The dwelling that was purchased by Sunita’s clients, Mr. and Mrs. R, is located on Wheatlands Grove in York, within the YO26 postcode district and was valued at £225, 000. The vendors Conveyancing Solicitor was from the Crombie Wilkinson York office located at 19 Clifford Street, York, YO1 9RJ. They also have offices at 6 Park Street, YO8 4PW and Forsyth House, Market Place, YO17 7LR.

The details below are from the permission that was granted by the local council for the roof extension and garage renovations that were carried out by the vendors of the dwelling in 2006. These are also examples of the types of conditions and reasons that normally accompany an approval.

Conditions for approval:

  • Development shall be begun not later than the expiration of the three years from the date of permission to ensure compliance with Town and Country Planning Act 1990.
  • Materials used externally shall match those of existing buildings in colour, size, shape and texture to achieve a visually acceptable form of development.
  • Extension should not be occupied until all existing vehicular crossings have been removed in the interests of good management of the highway and road safety standards.

The land registry official copies also revealed that the property was subject to numerous restrictions as detailed in a Conveyance dated 01/10/2009. It was a priority for Sunita to check with the vendor’s Solicitor to ensure that these restrictions had been complied with as they were still relevant and capable of being enforced.

Proactive and thorough Conveyancing led to completion of the purchase on the 27th of August 2010.

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