Fridaysmove-approved Solicitor in Norwich investigates planning history of property

Fridaysmove -approved Solicitor in Norwich investigates planning history of property
In July 2010 Joanne Yamat handled the Conveyancing in Norwich for the purchase of a residential dwelling on Peakwell Close, Norwich, Norfolk, NR8.

The home is situated within the local authority district of Broadland Council, located at Thorpe Lodge, 1 Yarmouth Road, Thorpe St Andrew, Norwich, NR7 0DU.

The results of the local authority search revealed the following details about the property:

Local land charges register entries:

  1. Town & Country Planning Act 1971 – Section 52
    Agreement between Norwich County council, Broadband DC, Bovis Homes Ltd. & others
    Planning reference: 931229
  2. Town & Country Planning Act 1990
    Area of special advert control
    Registered 06/04/1992
  3. Town & Country Planning Act 1990 – Deed of Variation
    Agreement between Norfolk County council, Broadland DC, Bovis Home Ltd. & others
    Planning reference: 931229

Planning register entries since: 01/01/1974

  1. 840777 Residential Development including industrial, community & open space facilities
    PG/C 29/01/1986
  2. 852159 Layout and construction of roads and sewers
    PG/C 29/01/1986
  3. 931229 Renewal of planning permission 840777
    Outline approval 15/12/1993
  4. 950035 Residential development of 73 dwellings
    Reserved matters approval 12/04/1995
    Building regulation applications since: 01/01/1990
  5. FP1996/0122 Dwellings
    CNC further information letter, amended approval 16/05/1999
  6. CPS014946/BDC CORG|100749392 Installed a gas boiler
    Work completed 18/012006

Joanne made further enquiries to the seller’s Conveyancing Solicitor in regards to the above planning history, ensuring that copies of approvals and completion certificates were obtained. These checks should be carried out by your Conveyancing Solicitor to verify that all works carried out by the previous owners were in compliance with restrictions and guidelines.

Acting on behalf of the seller’s was Cozens Hardy LLP at Castle Chambers, Opie Street, Norwich NR1 3DP and their Estate Agent was the Homeworks branch at 4 The Square, Norwich, Norfolk, NR8 6XE.

The purchase of the property was completed on the 2nd of July 2010.

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