Fridays Legal Services act on the Conveyancing to Purchase a Leasehold Property in Bermondsey, Southwark, East London.

In April 2008 Fridaysmove Southwark conveyancing team acted on the purchase conveyancing for a 150 year leasehold residential property valued at around £809, 950.

The property is located at Alaska Buildings, 61 Grange Road, Bermondsey, London, SE1.

This property is in the local authority area of Southwark Council Borough Of London .

Fridaysmove Southwark conveyancing team uncovered a risk of natural subsidence.   Fridaysmove Legal property lawyer s submitted comprehensive conveyancing questions the same day of receiving sale contract (including Transfer Deeds). The conveyancing searches revealed that the property was at risk of natural flooding (as shown on area environmental searches).  Fridaysmove needed to check with the sellers whether or not the property had ever previously suffered from flooding as well checking that insurance would be available to cover the risk of any future flooding at the property. The Land Registry Office Copies supplied revealed that the sellers had owned the property for less than five years and there was a danger that the transfer of the property to the seller could be set aside if it was established that the property within that five year period was a Transfer at Undervalue.

Transfer of undervalue: The transfer of property or an interest in it (for example a transfer by the owner into the joint names of himself and another) by way of gift or for a price less than the current market value of the property

Fridays conveyancing Southwark team obtained the landlords consent to assign the lease.

Alyson Stevenson was the Fridaysmove Legal property lawyer in charge of conveyancing in Southwark, South East London.

The estate agent's memo of sale detailing the sellers conveyancing solicitor/licensed conveyancer was obtained shortly before receiving the sale contract.

The sales memorandum outlines the sale/purchase property, the Buyer and the Sellers details and details of their respective legal team. A  Memorandum of Sale simply records the agreement reached between the parties subject to contract and forms no part of a contract for the sale of the said property between the parties.

The estate agent was the Felicity J Lord branch covering Southwark.

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