Flood risks addressed during Conveyancing in Northampton

Katie Clark handled the Conveyancing in Northampton for the sale of a freehold detached dwelling on Cavendish Drive, Northampton, NN3 3HL.

Planning permissions relating to works carried out by the previous owners were more than ten years old, with the last decision dated 21st October 1981, so Katie did not have to provide any additional information to the buyers.

Standard searches for Conveyancing in Northampton revealed that the property was situated in an area at high risk for flooding, raising obvious concerns by the purchasers. Katie confirmed that the vendors had not had any adverse experiences since owning the property and provided the buyer’s Solicitor with all pertinent information relating to this matter.

After liaising with the local authority district, Northampton Council at The Guildhall, St. Giles Square, Northampton, N1 1DE, the following information was obtained in regards to an initiative by the council to transform Little Billing Lake which is situated in close proximity to the residence and reduce flood risks.

The project was designed to reduce the risk to homes in the area surrounding the lake by removing around 5, 000 tonnes of silt to increase both the depth and the speed at which water can flow through it. Little Billing lake is in a residential area on Fishponds Road, Little Billing, Northampton. It used to attract birds such as swans and ducks and other wildlife but has gradually become overgrown, silted-up and a dumping ground for rubbish.

The buyers were relieved and Katie’s clients were happy that this issue did not pose a threat to the sale of their property.

Handling the Conveyancing in Northampton for the other side was Nationwide Solicitors at Moulton Park Industrial Estate, Kings Park Road, Northampton, Northamptonshire, NN3 6NW.

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