Fire Risk identified at Home Buyers Survey in Leicester

Most people obtain a HomeBuyer Report because they wish to see if the market value of a property may be undermined by defects. In some cases however, such as this Home Buyers Survey in Leicester, potentially fatal dangers within a property are exposed.

Worrying flammable materials found in the home's ceiling

The Residential Surveyor noted that most of the ceilings in the two bedroom terraced house were lined with polystyrene tiles. Polystyrene, like other organic compounds, is highly flammable. For this reason it is no longer used for the purpose of construction in the United Kingdom.

However, in properties over twenty years old it is quite common to find examples of this dangerous installation. The Surveyor stressed in no uncertain terms that faux tiles should be removed immediately.

The hazard is exacerbated by the poisonous fumes that polythene emits if it sets alight. Historically there have been cases of fire fighters retrieving people from burning buildings only to discover them killed by the deadly gas released by these outdated faux tiles.

Another concern

The Home Buyers Survey in Leicester contained a further, related warning. It recorded that no evidence was found of recent testing to the Gas fired central heating system.

Any property that employs gas for heating or cooking should be safety checked by an appropriately qualified Gas Safe expert.

A bleak picture of this houses safety level is provided when the unchecked gas system is considered in unison with the flammable and poisonous tiles.

A third fear

It is not the business of legal professionals to be superstitious but the Home Buyers Survey in Leicester uncovered a third fire scare. It reported that their was a lack of escape windows to the bedrooms. Admittedly, this feature may be a harder to remedy than the two above but, if nothing else, it should promote a conscientiousness about more preventable fire hazards that was clearly lacking in this case.

Home Buyers Surveys and Safety

The Home Buyers Survey in Leicester provides a worrying example of the dangers that inhabit many buildings. As a society we have come a long way to improve safety in our places of home. More can still be done. Ultimately though, I wonder if the prospective buyer didn’t think twice about purchasing a property with three exacerbating fire hazards.