Fast House Conveyancing of ex-Coal Board property in Cramlington, Tyne and Wear

Prompt and efficient service from our approved House Conveyancing lawyer servicing the Tyne and Wear region, Fayruz Cahill, ensured a speedy completion of the sale of a former coal board house in Nelson Village, Cramlington, Tyne & Wear NE23.

Fayruz downloaded a copy of the client’s registered title direct from the land registry’s e-services site, together with a copy of the title plan. She also emailed the client some forms to be completed, these included a property information form and a form to list the fixtures and fittings to be included in the sale.

Early in the House Conveyancing, it appeared from the registered title that the residence had formerly been owned by the coal board, and sold by the British coal corporation in 1989. As might be expected, when they sold they reserved ". . . ALL interests of the Vendor in any mines beds and seams of coal and other minerals in or under the Conveyed Property TOGETHER WITH all necessary rights powers and easements for searching for winning working getting and carrying away by underground operations only the said coal and other minerals . . . ”

Coal-mining in the area has now ceased, and the usual search carried out by the buyer’s Solicitor during the House Conveyancing did not reveal any potential subsidence problems.

The property was also stated to be subject to some covenants and restrictions, as set out in the registered title:

“1 A Conveyance of the land in this title and other land dated 12 May 1921 made between (1) The Right Honourable Rosamond Cornella Gwladys Viscountess Ridley and others (2) Cramlington Coal Company Limited (The Purchasers) contains the following covenants:-

The Purchasers for themselves their successors and assigns covenant with Vendors and their sequels in estate cestui que trust and assigns as follows:-
No part of the purchased land or any building erected or to be erected thereon shall be used as an inn or alehouse or for the sale or disposal (including sale or disposal to members of a club or others) of wine spirits or malt liquors Provided that this restriction shall not apply so as to prohibit the sale or disposal for consumption by bona fide workmen of The Cramlington Coal Company Limited residing in the building on the land hereby conveyed of intoxicating liquors in any canteens carried on by the said Company on the said land.

2 A Conveyance of the land in this title and other land dated 3 November 1989 made between (1) The British Coal Corporation and (2) Northern Coalfields Property Company Limited (Purchasers) contains the following covenants "THE Purchaser to the intent and so as to bind (so far as practicable) the Conveyed Property and any part or parts thereof into whosoever hands the same may come and to benefit and protect any mines and minerals in which the Vendor has any interest and which provide subjacent or lateral support for the Conveyed Property or any part or parts thereof and any adjoining or neighbouring land belonging to the Vendor and every part thereof or any part or parts thereof which is or are capable of being benefited hereby covenants with the Vendor as follows:

Not to erect or construct any wall fence or other structure on the
Conveyed Property which will obstruct or interfere with the user of the
access ways along the boundaries of the Conveyed Property between the
points marked A to B and C to D on the said plan by the owners or
occupiers of the adjoining properties abutting on such boundaries"
NOTE: The Points A to B and C to D do not affect the land in this
title. ”

Covenants like this are frequently found registered against property titles, and do not normally worry buyers unless there is some evidence that the seller has done something in breach of the covenants.

When agents Renown Estates of Blagdon House, Smithy Square, Cramlington, Tyne & Wear NE23 6QL confirmed details of the sale, Fayruz was straight away able to send the draft contract with all the other papers to the buyers’ House Conveyancing Solicitors, R A W  Clark & Co of Morpeth, Tyne & Wear, NE65 7XN. As a comprehensive pack was supplied, the Solicitors did not have to raise extensive further enquiries, and this enabled the sale to complete without delay.

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