Fast Conveyancing of detached house in Southampton pleases buyers

Mr & Mrs W required Fast Conveyancing in Southampton for their purchase of a detached freehold house on Underwood Road, Bassett, Southampton SO16. Fortunately they had instructed Fridaysmove -recommended Conveyancing Solicitor Irene Bonsu-Amoako, who was able to complete the legal work for them without delay. The clients already had a buyer for their house elsewhere in Hampshire, and understandably wanted the sale and purchase to be progressed as quickly as possible.

Southampton independent agents Pearsons of 58-60 London Road, Southampton, Hampshire SO15 2AH arranged the sale, and put Irene in touch with the sellers’ Conveyancing Solicitors Warner Goodman of 8/9 College Place, London Road, Southampton SO15 2FF.

A local search was requested from Southampton City Council, Civic Centre, Southampton SO14 7LY. The results were soon received, including a plan confirming that Underwood Road, immediately adjoining the house, was an adopted road. The planning enquiries revealed that consent had been granted in 2003 for the erection of two storey side and single storey rear extension with roof terrace over, and there was also a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) affecting the area.

Irene asked for a copy of the planning consent and the TPO, which the sellers’ Conveyancing solicitors provided. Enquiries from the sellers also confirmed that the construction of the extension had been inspected and passed by the council’s building control department, and a copy of the building regulations completion certificate was obtained. The sellers confirmed that no other extension or building works had been carried out at the property.

Where a Tree Preservation Order affects a house, it is essential for the buyers’ Conveyancing Solicitor to obtain a copy so that the buyer can be informed which trees on the property (if any) are covered by the order. Cutting down or lopping a protected tree will require appropriate consent from the council, so it is important to ascertain if any trees on the property are protected. In this case it was ascertained that the TPO covered a wide area, but there were no trees in the garden of the house which were protected.

Irene was able to send a full report on title to her clients. She also arranged for them to sign the contracts and transfer deeds for both their sale and purchase, so that as soon as the buyers were ready to proceed, Irene was ready to arrange exchange of contracts. A mutually acceptable completion date was agreed by everyone in the chain, and contracts were then exchanged. Completion of both sale and purchase took place on the agreed date without difficulty, and the clients expressed their thanks to Irene for dealing with everything to their satisfaction.

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