Fast Conveyancing in Altrincham pleases buyers

Conveyancer Jaaine Intharajah was pleased to be able to arrange a quick completion on Conveyancing in Altrincham for her clients Mr and Mrs J. They had agreed to buy a modern detached home on Alder Drive, Timperley, Altrincham, Cheshire, WA15 7YG.

The sellers agents Gascoigne Halman of 26 The Downs, Altrincham, WA14 2PU (Tel: 0161 929 1500) faxed through details so that Jaaine could get on with the case.

Collier Littler of 381, Stockport Road, Timperley, Altrincham, Cheshire WA15 7UR were carrying out the Conveyancing in  Altrincham for the sellers. They promptly sent the contract paperwork including a copy of their clients land registry title. Once Jaaine had received these she put in hand the conveyancing search with Trafford Borough Council the local authority which covers Altrincham.

Local searches are an important part of Conveyancing in Altrincham

They provide information on a wide range of matters dealt with by local authorities, such as

  • roads – is the property located on an adopted public highway
  • highway plans – does the council have any plans for new roads or major road works scheduled in the vicinity, which would impact on the residence
  • planning – details of planning permissions and applications, with information about any enforcement action taken
  • conservation areas and tree preservation orders
  • land charges – these include grants made to the owner which may have to be repaid when the house is sold

The replies from the council were received within a few days, and confirmed that Alder Drive was a public road, and also included details of the consent for the construction of the building some years before.

Since planning permissions are usually subject to conditions which will continue to affect a property, a copy of this approval was requested. Such conditions frequently suspend permitted development rights on newer homes, so that owners will have to obtain formal approval of works such as conservatories or the conversion of garages into rooms.

Once her clients' financial arrangements were finalised and they had signed the necessary documents Jaaine was able to arrange exchange of contracts with a completion date a few days later. The buyers were pleased that their Conveyancing in Altrincham had been completed so speedily, and thanked Jaaine for all her efforts.

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