Expert tips from a HomeBuyer Report in South London

One of our recent clients who ordered a Home Buyers Survey in West Norwood, South London found that surveys not only find defects; they can also help you avoid future repair costs by providing helpful, property-specific maintenance advice.

A personalised maintenance manual for your home

This Home Buyers Survey in London doubled as an exhaustive maintenance manual for the Victorian flat, which was converted in 1975. It covered a wide range of issues, from the quirks involved in redecorating sash windows, to how often to prune the tree in the front garden to stop its roots interfering with the building’s foundations.

Surveying experts look at hundreds of properties every year. They see the effects that poor maintenance practices can have on a property, and know the defects to which certain properties are prone. Their insights can be indispensable for a new homeowner.

Local knowledge helps Surveyors identify problems before they occur

Local Surveyors understand the South London area. History, climate, council legislation and building practices all have an effect on the way that a building will age, and the problems to watch out for.  

Home Buyers Surveys in South London often contain tips and recommendations regarding the particular upkeep each property requires. Our clients can avoid expensive repair work in the future by better understanding their purchase.

The surveyor’s observation about the problems associated with building practice of “dry lining” is an example of the detail and knowledge contained in the HomeBuyer Report:

“The lined plasterboard is often referred to as “dry lining” and is a popular method of finishing off the internal surfaces of walls as it saves on costs and reduces the drying out period when construction took place. Dry lining can sometimes hide dampness. ”

London Home Buyers Surveys save you money in the future

HomeBuyer Reports also identify potential problem areas that, while not urgent, the buyer should regularly monitor.

In this West Norwood example, the South London Home Buyers Survey indicated that the parapet walls were in a particularly exposed position.  This made them susceptible to deterioration and damp penetration and they required regular checks using scaffolding.

The surveyor noted that the buyer needed to be aware of this as it represented an ongoing and substantial cost.