Ealing Conveyancing - Freehold and Leasehold property explained

The London Borough of Ealing includes many popular residential areas on the western side of London. Conveyancing solicitors recommended by Fridaysmove regularly handle a wide variety of property conveyancing in Ealing itself, together with Southall, Acton, Greenford Northolt and other places within the boundaries of the Borough. Local searches are undertaken with Ealing Borough Council at Perceval House, 14/16 Uxbridge Road, London, W5 2HL.

Houses in the area are generally freehold, with titles registered at the land registry. But there are also many flats in this area, and anyone looking to buy a flat will find that they are held with leasehold titles. Conveyancing Solicitors will be looking for any residential lease to have in the region of 70 years of the term left unexpired, as many mortgage lenders now require this sort of period. Even when a buyer is not obtaining a mortgage, the Conveyancing Solicitor will normally recommend that for leases with less than 70 years unexpired, action is taken to try and obtain a lease extension, or difficulties may be encountered when the buyer comes to sell.

Freehold titles for residences in Ealing are normally straightforward, and buyers’ Conveyancing Solicitors rarely encounter problems with sellers’ titles. The majority of established houses in the borough will front directly onto adopted highways, and private rights of way are only likely to be encountered for those houses which have some form of shared rear access or garage driveway. Many older semi-detached houses have a shared driveway between each pair of houses, with garages just to the rear of the houses. The registered title for each house will show the boundary between the properties as running down the centre-line of the drive, with each owner having the right to use that part of the drive which lies on his neighbour’s property. Many of these shared drives are now too narrow to take modern cars, and so are not now used, but that will not necessarily mean that the legal rights to use the drive have been abandoned.

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Fridaysmove recommended Conveyancing Solicitors deal with the sale and purchase of many leasehold flats in the Ealing area. There is usually more work required on the legal side if these transactions, as buyers’ Conveyancing Solicitors will want to check that proper management arrangements are in place for the building, in particular that the building is properly insured and managed and that any necessary maintenance is carried out when required. Consequently the seller’s Conveyancing Solicitors will have to contact the freeholder or managing agent of the block to obtain replies to the Solicitors enquiries. Unfortunately some commercial property management firms make substantial charges for supplying this information, and will take some time to supply it, thus delaying property sales.

When a flat is part of a small block, perhaps part of a converted house or one of a pair of self-contained maisonettes, the seller will often have a share in the freehold. This will normally mean that the seller and the owner of the other flat or flats in the building are the registered owners of the freehold title. However this does not mean that each owner then has a freehold flat, the leasehold titles remain in existence and it may be necessary for the lease terms to be extended. That will mean approaching the owner of the other flat, which is sometimes a problem if that owner does not live at the property but just lets it out. The Solicitor should advise sellers if this situation is causing a problem with a sale.

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