Dudley Conveyancing Tips - Unusual Leasehold Flat Issues

Solicitors working on Conveyancing in Dudley generally expect leasehold flats to form part of a larger block of similar leasehold apartments. This could be anything from a small building containing two or four self-contained maisonettes to a large block of flats.

However on a recent property purchase in the Dudley area the Fridaysmove -recommended Conveyancing Solicitor acting for the buyer discovered an unusual situation where a leasehold flat formed part of a building with two freehold houses. The developers had apparently been unable to build a block of three houses, and ended up with a building comprising the apartment being sold and two houses.   The apartment was partly above the garages of the houses so it had to be sold as a leasehold property.

Where a flat forms part of a block of flats the lease of each flat will be in the same format, but where individual leasehold apartments are encountered as part of a modern estate development they should be drawn up to reflect the particular situation of the property. The ingenuity of estate developers in fitting in more dwellings onto new developments has lead to their Conveyancing Solicitors having to find a variety of ways to ensure a suitable legal framework to ensure that each dwelling has all necessary legal rights.

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The Fridaysmove -recommended Conveyancing Solicitor checked that the lease contained satisfactory provisions, especially that the apartment had the rights of support and shelter from the remainder of the building.

Coach House Conveyancing in Dudley

One common situation on new developments in Dudley and elsewhere is a block of garages with an apartment above, sometimes grandly known as a ‘Coach House’. In this arrangement, the owner of the flat will usually have one garage and each of the other garages will be owned by a nearby house. Because the flat will require rights of support from the garages, each of the houses will only be granted a lease of the garage, and the flat-owner will acquire the freehold of the entire building. While this will provide an acceptable legal framework ensuring that the flat-owner has all necessary rights, it does mean that whenever one of the houses is sold, the garage will have to be transferred as a separate leasehold title. Provided that the developer’s Conveyancing Solicitors has drawn up the original documentation properly this does not usually cause too many problems.

If you are buying or selling such an apartment in Dudley, you should expect the conveyancing work to take a little longer than might otherwise be the case. If you were the first buyer of a new apartment and are now selling it, it will help your Conveyancing Solicitors to have all the documentation from the original purchase so pass this to them or arrange for the Solicitors who acted when you bought to produce this.

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