Conveyancing process requires copy Planning consent

If you are selling a house or flat which you bought from new, or which has been built within the last ten years or so, then your Conveyancing Solicitor will need to obtain all the planning and other  documents. Conveyancers undertaking Conveyancing in Derby on behalf of purchasers will want to check that there was planning consent for the property and that it was constructed in accordance with building regulations. They may also require a copy of the ten-year warranty issued by the National House-Building Council (NHBC) or a similar insurer.

That was what the sellers of a modern house found during this Conveyancing in Derby last year. They had instructed Conveyancing Solicitor Serina Abay to act on their behalf, and she asked them to complete the usual information forms which the buyers would require. It was ascertained that the building had been erected about ten years beforehand, as part of an estate development.

The sale was arranged by Yourmove of  45 Bath Street, Ilkeston, Derbyshire DE7 8AH, and as soon as they passed the sale details to Serina she sent contract papers to Countrywide Property Lawyers who were handling the Conveyancing in Derby for the  buyers.

Within a few days they replied with some additional enquiries. These included a request for a copy of the original planning consent which had been granted some ten years before, as well as evidence that the dwelling had been checked by Derby City Council's building control department. Serina therefore had to contact the Council's offices at Saxon House, Heritage Gate, Friary Street, Derby DE1 1AN. A fee was payable for these documents.

Once they sent copies which Serina passed on this Conveyancing in Derby was able to proceed without further difficulties. The NHBC certificate was not required as the ten-year cover period had just expired, but as the NHBC also carries out building inspections for some local authorities the certificate may also be required as evidence of this.

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