The significance of conservation areas for home buyers in York

Fridaysmove 's approved Solicitors handle both property Conveyancing in York and across North Yorkshire. The historic City of York will be celebrating the 800th anniversary of its becoming a self-governing city in 2012. The city incorporates many popular residential areas and Fridaysmove recommended Conveyancing Solicitors are familiar with all types of Conveyancing in York, including both freehold houses and leasehold apartments.

Local Conveyancing in York - searches and enquiries with the city council

When acting for homebuyers, Conveyancing Solicitors carry out local searches with City of York council, Local Land Charges Dept. , 9 St Leonard's Place, York YO1 7ET, Tel: 01904 551360. These searches are now requested electronically, and the results delivered in the same way, which helps saves time for Conveyancing in York.

Conveyancing Solicitors' checks on homes in York conservation areas

One of the purposes of these searches is to ascertain whether a house is located in one of York’s many conservation areas. Conservation areas are areas of special architectural or historical interest and there are 30 such areas in the area administered by York City Council, these include several of the village communities on the fringes of the city.   These areas have extra planning controls applied to them so that the character of the area can be preserved and enhanced.

Many houses and other residential properties are located in these conservation areas, and in view of the additional planning controls Conveyancing Solicitors acting on the purchase of a house in one of these areas will want to know if the seller has carried out any extension or other works to the exterior of the property and if so whether any necessary consent has been obtained. The extra conservation area planning controls apply to all parts of a building including boundary walls, property walls and trees. This means that the installation of replacement windows and doors will need consent.

If it is found that unauthorised works have been carried out, the seller will be asked to obtain retrospective consent from the council, a procedure which will usually delay any sale. However this is essential to protect purchasers, as if the council subsequently requires the removal of unauthorised works this will entail considerable expense to the buyer.

Buying a Listed building in York

If a building has been listed on the statutory list of buildings of 'special architectural or historic interest' then, whether or not it is in a conservation area, separate ‘listed building consent’ will be required for all works to the building. As might be expected there are many listed buildings in York, and anyone buying such a building, or a flat in one, will want to be reassured that all necessary consents have been obtained before completing the purchase.

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If a listed building has been converted into apartments then a purchaser will want to know that there are proper arrangements in place for the maintenance and insurance of the building.

Where this is carried out by a management company the buyer’s Conveyancing Solicitors in York will ask for the seller’s Property Lawyers to obtain a management information pack with details of service charges, insurance, and other information which the buyer will need in order to proceed with their home purchase.