Tips for buying a new-build property in Woking

Conveyancing Solicitors recommended by Fridaysmove regularly carry out Conveyancing in Woking, including acting for many buyers on the new developments currently being built in the town.

Buying a new home is an exciting experience, and Fridaysmove recommended Property Lawyers can take all the hassle out of the legal side of Conveyancing in Woking. Developers’ Solicitors or legal departments send the purchasers’ Solicitors a contract pack which includes copies of all other documents required, including copies of planning permissions and planning agreements with the local council, as well as a copy of the land registry title. If the property is a flat or apartment then the pack will include a copy of the form of lease which will be granted on completion, together with details of the planned management arrangements which will be put in place once the building has been completed.

Although the sale contract and property transfer or lease will be in a standard form, it is important that Conveyancing Solicitors acting for buyers of new properties in Woking check these documents carefully to ensure that they are all in order and will be acceptable to mortgage lenders in the future. It is particularly important to make sure that proper plans have been supplied, as the land registry now imposes very strict requirements for plans of new properties and may refuse to register a title if the plan attached to a transfer or lease does not comply with the registry’s rules.

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When a buyer is purchasing a dwelling which is in the course of construction, it is likely that a final property plan will not be available until completion. Purchasers should make sure that they check the final purchase plan carefully to ensure that it shows the boundaries accurately, as it can be expensive to remedy errors once the new property title has been registered.

New-Build Conveyancing in Woking

When carrying out Conveyancing in Woking on new-build homes, Conveyancing Solicitors will also make sure that any new home is sold with a warranty from the National House-Building Council (NHBC) or a similar form of warranty acceptable to mortgage lenders. These warranties provide insurance cover against defects arising during the first ten years after completion, and benefit all subsequent owners as well as the first buyer.

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