Wigan Leaseholder’s anger over building insurance

A Freehold company has angered leaseholders in Wigan by informing them they can only take out building insurance for their properties with the landlord’s specific choice of insurer.

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Leaseholders on Carr Lane and Pocket Nook Lane in Wigan have had letters from Swansea-based firm, the Compton Group, demanding they take out leasehold buildings insurance with Zurich.

The letter sent to the leaseholder states that they must take out their policy to Zurich when their current building insurance is up for renewal or express any extenuating circumstances if they cannot do so. The Fridaysmove Conveyancing in Wigan Team have not had sight of the leases but presumably the freehold company is able to do this as the lease allows for the landlord to dictate who the leaseholders should insure with.

Although, relatively rare some leases in the UK do allow for the Landlord to dictate who the insurer should be. Some leases even go so far as to specify the name of the insurer.