Conveyancing for sale of freehold dwelling on Copsewood Road in Watford completes

Mary Spiteri-Panayi was the solicitor in charge of Conveyancing in Watford for a dwelling on Copsewood Road, in the WD24 post code district.

A conveyance of the land itemised in the charges register of the land registry official copy dated 21 May 1909 and made between the London and north western railway company and Frederick William S contains the following provisions:-

  • The purchaser shall within one month after taking possession of the land erect and thereafter for ever maintain a good and sufficient boundary fence between the points marked "A" "B" and "C" on the plan.
  • No beer wine or spirits shall be sold in or upon any building erected upon the land nor shall any building be used for an inn public house or beer shop.
  • No obnoxious trade business or manufacture shall be carried on nor shall the land be used for any purpose which shall be in any way a nuisance damage or annoyance to the company their successors or assigns or their tenants or which may tend to depreciate or lessen the value of the rest of the company's property or any part thereof.

The local authority district serving residents and homes in Watford is located at Hempstead Road, Town Hall, Hertfordshire, WD17 3EX.

Photiades Solicitors at Longmire House, 36 - 38 London Road, Hertfordshire handled the legal matters on behalf of the other side.

The name Watford first appeared in an Anglo-Saxon charter of 1007AD and is probably derived from the old English words Waet (meaning full of water, because the area was notoriously liable to flood in winter) and ford (a shallow point across the River Colne where the river could be crossed), so it is no coincidence that solicitors, when Conveyancing in Watford, are cautious about investigating the risks of flooding and natural disasters.

The agent for the sale was Imagine estate agents at Block B, 26 Wilmington Close, Watford, WD18 0AF.

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