Conveyancing in Sutton – Railway scheme identified through local search

Conveyancing for the purchase of freehold abode in Sutton on Ashleigh Gardens in postcode district SM1 was completed by Fridaysmove -recommended Solicitor Gemma Farguson in June 2010.

The local authority search revealed that there was a possibility that the channel tunnel extension project railway scheme was noted as affecting this area.   Gemma needed to verify that this would not adversely affect the structural integrity of the property.

A Conveyance in the title register of the land registry official copy revealed the following reservation dating back to June of 1920:

"Except and reserved unto the Vendor his heirs and assigns the owner or owners for the time being of the respective pieces of land coloured green on the said plan and the buildings thereon respectively: First such rights or means of light air water drainage and support as the Vendor his heirs or assigns the owner or owners as aforesaid would have been entitled to as against the premises or any part or parts thereof respectively and the owners or owner thereof respectively for the time being if there had never been unity of ownership of the said respective pieces of land coloured green and buildings and of the premises and the rights or means aforesaid had been enjoyed by the Vendor as owner of the fee simple of the said respective pieces of land coloured green and buildings under such circumstances in such manner and for such period or periods as by virtue of prescription who have conferred on the Vendor as such owner as aforesaid indefeasible rights thereto respectively. And secondly the right and liberty at any time hereafter to build on the said respective pieces of land coloured green on the said plan and to alter or rebuild the buildings now erected thereon respectively in such manner as he or they respectively shall think fit Provided that in so building altering or rebuilding as aforesaid he or they shall not erect any buildings other than private dwelling houses with necessary outbuildings (but this shall not prevent the re-erection of buildings of a similar nature for the Angel Hotel the Cottages Shop or the Garage adjoining as the case may be or the erection of any kind of buildings other than a factory in connection with Rosedale or the said Hotel Cottages Shop or Garage on the land coloured green and hatched on the West side of the said Hotel Cottages Shop and Garage) nor obstruct or diminish the access of light and air to any Windows now forming part of the premises or any like Windows in the same position substituted therefore to any greater extent than he or they could have done if there had never been such unity of ownership as aforesaid and the said Windows had become Ancient lights. "

The sellers of the property were represented by Bunce Solicitors and the handling estate agent was Bairstow Eves (296 High Street, Sutton, SM1 1PQ).

Gemma’s client, Miss Y, became the proud owner of this dwelling on the 25th of June 2010.

Fridaysmove would like to thank Bunce Solicitors and Bairstow Eves for their assistance and cooperation in dealing with this Conveyancing in Sutton transaction.