Freehold House exchanges in Sudbury without issue

Fridaysmove chalked up another success with the completion of the Conveyancing on the sale of a home in Sudbury, Suffolk CO10.

Exchanging on 10th May, the Sudbury home (valued at £325, 000), was whizzed through with out issue by Sudbury Conveyancing expert - Fayruz Cahill.

Fayruz (who prefers to be known as Fay) has specialist knowledge of Conveyancing in Sudbury as well as experience working closely with Braintree District Council, the buyers Conveyancer - Birkett Long and Suffolk based agents - Thorntons.

The transaction was routine although questions were raised by the buyers Solicitors relating to certain planning issues including a Section 106 Agreement dated 17th February 2003 between Babergh District Council, Suffolk County Council, Peter Augustus Brandt and Michael Ronald Nathan (WAB Trustees), David Michael Richardson (trading as Alpha), Denis William Branst
 under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.

Additionally plans for the erection Of 35 dwellings and construction Of a new estate Road And vehicular accesses nearby was noted.   Site Remodeling includes flood Compensation, the design and external appearance Of and the landscaping Of the site for erection Of 35 homes.

The investigation of issues like spotted in Sudbury are a routine part of the Conveyancing process.

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