Conveyancing in St Albans, Planning Issues and Restrictions Hinder Transaction

Mary Spiteri-Panayi, specialist Conveyancing Solicitor in St Albans, was instructed on a freehold property in Homestead Close by Mr and Mrs P.  The property, valued at £422, 000 fell within the local authority of St Albans City and District Council.  

The Land Registry documentation revealed that the property was subject to rights/restrictions /covenants as set out in a transfer dated June 1994.  It was important for the Conveyancing Team to liaise with the seller's Conveyancing Solicitors in St Albans, Photiades and ensure that these restrictions were fully complied with.  

Further investigation lead to the discovery of Planning Permissions affecting this property. The planning permissions were for the erection of 15 dwellings  affecting the access road and ancillary parking.  

These matters were scrutinized by the Fridaysmove Conveyancing Solicitor in St Albans and completion was achieved in April 2010.