Buyers look forward to Southport sun and sea as conveyancing completes

In February 2010, Fayruz Cahill, specialist Solicitor in Southport, was given instruction to act on behalf of Ms M for the transfer of a freehold semi detached property in the beautiful location of Southport.  

Ms M had used Baileys Estates, as her estate agent in Southport and negotiated the price of the property, finally agreeing on £205, 000.  Southport is perfectly located to explore the north west of England discovering the beauty of Wirral or Lancashire countryside.   It boasts beautiful beaches and lots of family attractions and is thus quite popular as a tourist destination.  

The Land Registry Office copies revealed that the previous owner had owned the property for less than five years and as such there was a danger that the transfer of the property from the seller could be set aside if it was established that the property within that five year period was a Transfer at Undervalue.  In essence, this means that the Conveyancing team in Southport were required to investigate the seller was solvent and had no pending creditors and was not selling the property in a hurry to pay off debts, where it could be argued that the property was not sold at a fair market price.  

The sellers Solicitors in Southport was Cook and Talbot Solicitors, who provided the necessary information to facilitate the smooth transfer to Ms M.