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Conveyancing Solicitors Worcester - Get a Quote for Conveyancing in Worcester

We are a national panel of friendly conveyancing solicitors, delivering an unbeatable service to home buyers, sellers and investors in Worcester.

For standard sale or purchase conveyancing, your fixed fee quote details the fees you will pay when you move. No Sale, No Fee protection is included with every Fridaysmove Worcester conveyancing quote.

Get a conveyancing quote for a move, or, if you wish, contact one of our conveyancing advisors on 0330 660 0286. Through us, you can instruct a solicitor now online, in the knowledge that the conveyancing for your move will be in safe hands.

Cheap Worcester conveyancing lawyers

We use low cost SRA-regulated property lawyers in Hereford and Worcester. In addition to our cheap fees, levels of service are exceptional and recommended by our clients.

If you are searching for cheap conveyancing in Worcester it will pay to obtain a few alternative quotes. Also, make sure you investigate the accompanying terms for extra fees for or disbursements, for example fees for file retrieval, that can often add to the legal costs.

Do you know if your Worcester new home is located in an at risk conservation area?

Planning to buy a property in a conservation area in Worcester? Local authorities designate conservation areas to preside over change in residential (and industrial) areas that people wish to protect from unsympathetic development. There are 9, 300 of them in the UK so most of us live near, if not in one Unfortunately however, many are not being properly managed e.g. parks and green spaces neglected.

The following conservation areas are reported as at risk:

  • Lark Hill, Worcester - very bad, medium vulnerability and no significant change.
  • The Canal, Worcester - very bad, high vulnerability and no significant change.
  • Lowesmoor, Worcester - poor, high vulnerability and no significant change.

Contact John Kirwan on 01905 722543 for more information.

Alternatively see here for the latest details.

Guidance for Fast Worcester Conveyancing

Fridaysmove's Worcester solicitors will take action to drive your move through to completion, this means that they will communicate with other parties, including the solicitors of other parties in the chain. Selecting a quick conveyancing lawyer is one step to increasing the chance your home move will complete sooner, however there are several things you can do to speed up your move:

  • Supply your identification as soon as possible
  • Contact the landlord or managing agent for the management pack
  • Send questions about the property you plan to buy to your solicitor quickly

You can potentially shave a week or more off the conveyancing process with these suggestions.

The Peace of Mind of No Completion, No Fee Conveyancing Solicitors in Worcester

If you are unfortunate and your property transaction falls through before completion it is exceedingly stressful. Innumerable issues may lead to the purchase or sale aborting, for instance a dispute over the purchase price or slow solicitors.

Thanks to our No Completion, No Fee promise, you will not have to pay for any legal fees in the unlikely event that your sale or purchase fails to complete.

Any Worcester solicitors deposit can be put towards another property sale or purchase and you will only have to pay for any third party disbursements, for instance property searches for example.

Online Conveyancing Solicitors

Home movers who have used traditional solicitors may feel that the cheap fees offered by a solicitor they found online are suspiciously good.

A myth associated with so-called 'online conveyancing' is that there will be downsides to selecting a cheaper online solicitor over a high street firm. In reality, fast, low-cost firms that market online exist, as do costly and delay-prone solicitors with local offices.

Our group of conveyancers deliver the 'best of both worlds', namely a convenient local office, and cheaper conveyancing fees.

Remortgage Legal Work for your residence in Worcester

Fridaysmove's remortgage-specialist conveyancing solicitors handle work for homeowners who intend to remortgage their property. Fridaysmove's solicitors charge very low fees, with no additional charges.

Our conveyancers will be able to act on behalf of lenders across England and Wales.

Compare Worcester solicitors conveyancing fees

Legal charges for home movers when moving home in Worcester break down into disbursements and fees.

The fees are the sums paid to the Worcester conveyancing property lawyer for taking care of the conveyancing.

Solicitors disbursements are 3rd party costs sustained by the Worcester lawyer on your behalf for example missing particulars indemnity insurance or indemnity policies.

The trick to comparing Worcester solicitors charges is to make sure you check over the solicitor fine print. Additional fees include fees for the removal of a restriction at the land registry.

Conveyancing for New Build Houses and Flats in Worcester

New build purchasers will frequently be expected to exchange contracts before the construction is finished, or in some cases even started! Pros when purchasing new build homes include better insulation and hence energy efficiency, but downsides may include being on notice to complete by or on a specific date.

Conveyancing for a new build house or flat can be a wholly different to buying an existing property. Buyers should make arrangements to secure their mortgage and instruct their solicitor as soon as possible.

House Prices in Worcestershire

YearAverage House Price (£ s)
May 2004 158, 885
May 2005 171, 047
May 2006 173, 797
May 2007 184, 801
May 2008 185, 185
May 2009 156, 726
May 2010 164, 768
May 2011 162, 970
May 2012 162, 495
May 2013 163, 991

Our solicitors helped in excess of 1700 customers in Worcestershire and across the country in August 2018

We are an established panel of lawyers with branches throughout the UK.

Recent customers include:

  • Freehold Sale on Eagle Close, Worcester, Worcestershire, WR5, £250,000
  • Freehold Sale on Wakeman Street, Barbourne, Worcester, Worcestershire, WR3, £146,000
  • Freehold Purchase on Conifers, Church Lane, Flyford Flavell, Worcestershire, WR7, £320,000
  • Leasehold Purchase on Coppice Close, Worcester, WR2, £58,000