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Independent reviews highly recommend Fridaysmove's conveyancing solicitors to 1, 000's of buyers, sellers and investors each month. Our conveyancing solicitors have the local knowledge that will help to complete your sale or purchase sooner.

For standard sale or purchase conveyancing, your fixed fee conveyancing quote confirms all applicable solicitor's fees. In addition, No Completion, No Fee protection is included with all quotes, at no additional cost.

You can get a fixed fee conveyancing quote to verify how low your conveyancing lawyer's fees will be, or, alternatively, telephone a conveyancing advisor on 0330 660 0286 if you have any questions. Fridaysmove look forward to assisting with your move.

Cheap Southampton conveyancing

Fridaysmove use the most affordable CQS accredited property lawyers in Hampshire. Furthermore, in addition to these cheap fees, service levels are both exceptional and recommended by clients and agents.

You are advised to always obtain three or four quotes when searching for cheap conveyancing solicitors in Southampton and make sure you double check the Ts & Cs for hidden solicitors fees .

Fast Conveyancing

Fridaysmove's conveyancers will proactively push the transaction forward by facilitating communication between the parties to reduce delays. Selecting a quick solicitor will be a step to increasing your chance of completing your home move sooner. However there are numerous things you can also do personally to speed up the conveyancing process:

  • Request that your solicitor order searches early in the process
  • Send questions about the property you plan to buy to your solicitor as soon as you can
  • Respond to requests for information as soon as possible

Following these steps alone could reduce the time it takes to complete your sale or purchase by several days. Assuming you require your move to complete sooner click here to instruct a property lawyer, or call our team on 0845 643 5785.

No Completion, No Fee Conveyancing Solicitors in Southampton

It is really disconcerting when your transaction goes wrong at the last minute.

With the Fridaysmove No Completion, No Fee assurance, clients need not pay for any solicitors fees if your sale or purchase does not go ahead.

Your Southampton solicitors deposit will be moved to another purchase or sale and you only need to cover any disbursements, such as chancel searches.

Online Conveyancing

Home buyers, sellers and investors who have selected traditional conveyancing solicitors in the past may feel that discount fees quoted by a conveyancer they found using an online search engine suggests that updates will be less frequent.

A myth associated with 'online conveyancing' is that there will always be consequences to selecting a lower-cost online conveyancing solicitor over a high street firm. In fact, there are locally-based, but delay-prone firms, and there are excellent solicitors who market online.

Fridaysmove's group of property lawyers deliver the 'best of both worlds', namely the convenience of a local office, and cheaper solicitor's fees.

Remortgage Legal Work

Fridaysmove's remortgage experts take care of the necessary legals on behalf of property owners wishing to remortgage their home.

These Southampton conveyancing solicitors can act for all major building societies and lenders.

A guide for comparing Southampton solicitors conveyancing fees

Legal charges are divided into two key parts called fees and disbursements.

The solicitors fees are the sums paid to the Southampton lawyer by the customer for successfully completing the conveyancing.

Legal disbursements, e.g. a SiteSolutions Residence or drainage and water searches, are essentially third party charges incurred by the Southampton solicitor on the home buyer or sellers behalf.

It is of paramount importance to read the property lawyers terms of engagement when comparing Southampton solicitors conveyancing fees.

New Build Conveyancing in Southampton

A deficit in housing stock is encouraging the construction of more new build property. There are unique pros and cons when choosing new build properties. Benefits include being chain-free, whereas disadvantages include time spent snagging, and problems that can arise as a result.

Conveyancing for new build property is quite different to purchasing an existing property.

House Prices in Southampton

YearAverage House Price (£ s)
May 2004 140, 620
May 2005 144, 573
May 2006 145, 423
May 2007 155, 685
May 2008 157, 386
May 2009 133, 303
May 2010 146, 770
May 2011 140, 236
May 2012 141, 956
May 2013 137, 171

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