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We feel moving home needn't be nerve-racking. In Sheffield and throughout England and Wales, buyers and sellers choose Fridaysmove on the basis of our highly-recommended service and unbeatably low fees.

Unlike some firms, our solicitors never include hidden fees in the small print. This helps you to draw up a better budget for your move. For a standard conveyancing transaction, your fixed quote is inclusive of all solicitor's fees. A flexible No Completion, No Fee guarantee is included with every Sheffield conveyancing quote, at no additional cost.

Get a quote for a house move today, or, alternatively, contact a member of our conveyancing team on 0330 660 0286.

Cheap conveyancing lawyers in Sheffield

We use only affordable CQS accredited property lawyers in South Yorkshire. Furthermore, in addition to cheap fees, quality of service is both without compromise and recommended by our clients.

If you are searching for cheap conveyancing solicitors in Sheffield you should obtain a few quotes and don't forget to read the formal terms of business for any hidden solicitors fees .

Is your Sheffield new home purchase designated as in an at risk conservation area?

Conservation areas are designated by Local Authorities to oversee change in residential (and industrial) areas that people wish to preserve the character of. Unfortunately however, many are being neglected e.g. out of control street clutter.

The following conservation areas are reported as at risk:

  • Well Meadow - very bad, low vulnerability and deteriorating.
  • Sheffield General Cemetery - very bad, low vulnerability and deteriorating.

Contact Craig Broadwith on 0114 273 4223 for more information.

Alternatively visit the English Heritage site for further info.

Information for completing conveyancing sooner

Our Sheffield solicitors will push the move through to completion, meaning that they will chase the other parties, including search providers and managing agents. Additionally, there are numerous steps you can follow to speed up the move:

  • Swiftly respond to requests for information promptly
  • Send questions about the property you plan to buy to your solicitor as soon as you can
  • Collate management information early

Following these steps alone could reduce the time it takes to complete your sale or purchase by several days. Assuming you do need to move quickly, don't waste any time. Instruct your conveyancing solicitor today here, or call our conveyancing team on 0845 643 5785.

No Completion, No Fee Conveyancing Solicitors in Sheffield - Our Promise

It can be extremely distressing when a property transaction falls through.

With the Fridaysmove No Completion, No Fee promise, home movers do not pay any solicitors fees if your sale or purchase does not go ahead.

Your deposit can be offset against another purchase or sale and you only have to cover disbursements incurred, like searches.

Online Conveyancing Solicitors

An assumption associated with online conveyancing is that there will be drawbacks to choosing a lower-cost online conveyancing solicitor. The reality is that highly-recommended firms who market online exist, as do old-fashioned, slow and expensive firms with local, high street offices.

Our nationwide panel of conveyancing solicitors offer the benefits of both approaches, namely the convenience of a local office, and lower solicitor's fees.

Remortgage Legal Work

Remortgage-specialist solicitors who work with Fridaysmove handle all the legal work for property owners wishing to remortgage their property. Fridaysmove's solicitors quote very competitive fees, with no additional extras in their terms.

These conveyancing lawyers can act on behalf of each of the major lenders and building societies nationally.

Comparing Sheffield solicitors conveyancing fees

Home mover legal costs for movers in Sheffield break down into a couple of distinct parts which are disbursements and legal fees.

Disbursements, like a local search indemnity insurance, are basically third party costs incurred by the lawyer and passed on to the buyer or seller. Solicitors fees are the sums you pay to the Sheffield conveyancing property lawyer for handling the legal process.

The technique when comparing Sheffield solicitors charges is to peruse the conveyancing property lawyers small print. Things to watch out for could include fees for new build property supplement on purchase transactions.

New Build Conveyancing in Sheffield

If buying a new build property, purchasers should exchange and commit to buy the property before the construction is finished, or in some cases even started!

Conveyancing for newly built homes presents additional challenges for your conveyancers. Tight deadlines can also cause problems. Given the complexity and tight time frame of new build purchases, instructing your Sheffield conveyancing solicitor as early as possible is recommended.

House Prices in South Yorkshire

YearAverage House Price (£ s)
May 2004 94, 857
May 2005 110, 930
May 2006 116, 984
May 2007 125, 060
May 2008 126, 184
May 2009 107, 653
May 2010 109, 239
May 2011 105, 462
May 2012 101, 946
May 2013 100, 643

In July 2018, 1,711 trusted us in South Yorkshire and throughout country

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