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Fridaysmove feel moving home should not be difficult. Independent reviews strongly recommend using Fridaysmove's conveyancing solicitors to 1, 000's of home buyers, sellers and investors every month. Our conveyancing solicitors will help you to move faster.

We guarantee that your conveyancing fees are fixed, and include No Move, No Fee protection. This applies even if you choose to pull out.

Get a fixed fee conveyancing quote to find out how affordable your conveyancing fees will be, or contact one of our conveyancing team on 0330 660 0286 if you have any questions or would like to get things underway. We look forward to helping you with your move.

Cheap conveyancing in Powys

Make sure you always obtain other quotes if trying to find cheap conveyancing in Powys and go through all the fine print for any additional fees .

We only work with the most affordable SRA-member residential property lawyers in Wales. In addition to our cheap rates, our quality of service is both first rate and recommended by clients and agents.

Tips for Fast Powys Conveyancing

Our Powys property lawyers can drive your move through to completion, which includes contacting other parties to facilitate fewer communication delays. Selecting a quick solicitor is the first step to improving your chance of completing your home move sooner, however there is a range of steps you can follow to fast-track your conveyancing process:

  • Quickly respond to requests for information as soon as possible
  • Send any specific questions you have to your solicitor as soon as you can
  • Request that your solicitor order searches early

You can potentially shave a week or more off the conveyancing process with these suggestions.

Listedbuildings in Powys

Is the legal process more difficult when planning to buy an extended listed building?

As part of the local search, a buyer's solicitor in Powys will confirm whether a building is listed. Examples of particular construction techniques, including innovative design, may qualify a building to be listed. Anyone selling a listed property should ensure that their conveyancing solicitor has copies of all relevant planning consents, as well as any other associated documents and copies of plans which may be required by a buyer. Maintenance of listed buildings may require more costly materials.

Your solicitor may instead inform you that the property is, or contains, a scheduled monument, and is protected by a similar set of restrictions. Such properties include Aber-Naint Dyke, Broniarth Hill Camp, Bryn Mawr Camp, and Bryn y Saethau Hillfort.

Chancel in Powys

Chancel Repair in Powys

Homeowners throughout Powys and Wales are often unaware of this potential obligation to pay for church repairs. This dates back to the medieval period, when churches (or more specifically their chancels) were maintained by wealthy owners of rectorial land. Since this time, large estates have been broken down into 100's or 1, 000's of privately owned properties.

Is Chancel Liability likely to change?

Unlike tithes and similar obligations, chancel liability is unlikely to be abolished any time soon. Fortunately, however, churches are required to inform the Land Registry of liable homes by a 2013 deadline. Past this point, they will be unable to make a claim for chancel repairs for a registered property if this declaration was not made prior to the deadline.

Buyers should be aware that the situation is less clear for property which remains unregistered at the Land Registry.

The current approach to Chancel Searches

Proving liability could depend on records written centuries ago. In these circumstances, it is hard to give a guarantee that a house is entirely risk-free. Indemnity insurance may be a better solution. Indemnity insurance is endorsed by the Law Society. Indemnity is available for both residential and commercial properties.

After the Church of Wales' disestablishment in the early 20th Century, homes in Wales are much less likely to need such a search.

Disadvantaged in Powys

Qualifying for stamp duty relief in Powys

Disadvantaged areas relief may be available for property bought in around 2, 000 locations across the country. Local government wards or electoral divisions are used to define the boundaries of these. For homes bought for less than £ 150, 000, this relief may be available. If a search does not confirm whether am property is in a disadvantaged area, your solicitor should contact the local authority. That said, for any purchase below £ 150, 000, it is worth making a simple postcode search to find out if a property is in a Disadvantaged area. For more information regarding Powys disadvantaged areas, or to determine if your prospective purchase qualifies, call us today.

No Sale No Fee Conveyancing Solicitors in Powys

It is always exceedingly discouraging when your transaction goes wrong. Any number of problems might lead to the process aborting, such as the chain breaking or adverse search results.

Thanks to our no completion no fee assurance, you will not have to pay for any solicitors fees if your house move fails to proceed.

Your Powys solicitors deposit will be transferred to another purchase or sale and you will only have to cover any third party disbursements, like searches.

Online Conveyancing Quotes

Home movers who have used high street solicitors may believe that cheaper fees advertised on a conveyancing website indicates that they will experience slower service.

Cost, service or speed have little to do with whether a solicitor markets their services online.

Our national network of conveyancers deliver the benefits of both approaches, including a local office, and cheaper solicitor's fees.

Conveyancing for your Remortgage in Powys

Our remortgage-specialist property lawyers take care of the necessary work on behalf of owners wanting to remortgage their Powys property, and their low solicitor's fees never include additional charges.

These conveyancing lawyers will be able to act on behalf of all the lenders and building societies in every county of England and Wales.

Comparing Powys solicitors conveyancing fees

Powys solicitors costs are divided into a couple of discrete areas referred to as fees and disbursements.

Disbursements, for example a Subsidence Risk Report - Drainage or indemnity policies, are through charges incurred by the Powys conveyancer and paid by the client. conveyancing fees are the amounts paid to the Powys solicitor by you for completing the conveyancing.

It is critical to check the conveyancers terms and conditions when comparing Powys solicitors conveyancing fees.

Powys New Build Conveyancing

If purchasing a new build home, purchasers should exchange contracts and commit to the purchase before building work on the property is finished.

Some tips to bear in mind when purchasing new build houses and flats include confirming that the builder is registered with the NHBC.

Powys House Prices

YearAverage House Price (£ s)
May 2004 126, 807
May 2005 146, 641
May 2006 150, 984
May 2007 163, 881
May 2008 162, 995
May 2009 145, 288
May 2010 153, 055
May 2011 142, 229
May 2012 144, 682
May 2013 141, 590

In June 2015, 1,711 trusted us in Powys and across the country

Recent clients :

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  • Freehold Sale on Meadow Side, Brecon, LD3, £195,000
  • Freehold Sale on Newmarch Street, Brecon, Powys, LD3, £125,000
  • Freehold Sale on High Street, Llanfyllin, Powys, SY22, £290,000
Mining in Powys

Do you need to carry out a Coal Authority search when buying near Powys?

Mining - of coal, metal ores and other minerals - has been carried out across the country since the copper age of prehistory. Residential property may be affected by old underground workings, especially if there is still a risk of subsidence. Buyers' conveyancing solicitors carry out a standard form of search with the Coal Authority when a property is in an area where mining was known to have taken place or where coal is known to exist. A coal search will indicate whether any opencast workings have taken place or are planned in the vicinity. Although this may have less direct ongoing impact on property, the existence of large opencast workings in the vicinity can have an adverse effect while coal is being extracted. Should a search reveal former mining activity in close proximity then a further survey may be required. There is no single source of information about areas where other minerals were mined, but these workings mostly occur in areas where there is fortunately no significant housing.

There are approximately 17 areas in Powys where a mining search is required. These include; Penrhos, Cefn Byrle, Abercraf, Ynyswen, Glan-rhyd, Cwmgiedd and Pen-y-cae.

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