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We are a panel of friendly and professional conveyancing solicitors, delivering an unbeatable service to buyers, sellers and investors in Kingstanding.

We make it simpler to budget better for your move. Unlike many conveyancers, our conveyancing solicitors do not add hidden fees in the small print hidden fees in the small print, which means no nasty surprises when you get the solicitor's final invoice. Your conveyancing quote comes with a No Move, No Fee guarantee, and we guarantee that your solicitor's fee is fixed.

You can get a quote to verify what your fees will be, or contact a member of our team on 0330 660 0286 if you have any questions.

Cheap Kingstanding property conveyancing

If you are hunting for cheap conveyancing in Kingstanding ensure that you get a few quotes. Additionally don't forget to go through the Ts & Cs for further costs or disbursements, for instance fees for obtaining copy documents from third parties, which can inflate the legal costs.

We use only the best value CQS residential property lawyers in Birmingham. In addition to these cheap rates, levels of service are without compromise and recommended by clients and agents.

Tips for Faster Kingstanding Conveyancing

Our solicitors will drive your sale or purchase forward by contacting the other parties involved in the transaction to facilitate communication. Instructing a fast conveyancer is the first step towards improving the likelihood that your home move will complete sooner. However there are numerous steps you can follow to fast-track the conveyancing process:

  • Swiftly turnaround proof of identification quickly
  • Send questions about the property you plan to buy to your solicitor quickly
  • Arrange your mortgage finances early

You can potentially shave a week or more off the conveyancing process with these suggestions. If you do need to move as fast as possible, don't waste any time. Instruct your conveyancing lawyer today here, or call our conveyancing team on 0845 643 5785.

No Sale No Fee Conveyancing Solicitors in Kingstanding

If a Kingstanding home purchase or sale falls through just before you complete it can be decidedly disconcerting. Umpteen reasons may contribute to the legal process falling through such as personal or family reasons or the mortgage offer elapsing.

With our no sale no fee assurance, you will not have to pay any legal fees in the unlikely event that your property transaction does not ultimately go ahead.

Any deposit can be put towards another property sale or purchase and you will only have to reimburse the solicitor for disbursements, e.g. searches.

Online Kingstanding Conveyancing

Home buyers, sellers and investors who have selected traditional local conveyancers for a previous move might think low fees quoted on a solicitor's website suggests that the service they receive will be worse, or are suspiciously good.

A myth associated with so-called 'online conveyancing' is that a downside to are likely when choosing a cheaper online solicitor. The reality is that there are low-cost, highly-recommended solicitors who market their services online, and there are slow, expensive firms on the high-street.

While some house buyers like to meet their conveyancer face-to-face, it is rarely required. A proactive solicitor should often move you faster than one you need to take time off work to meet in person.

Lenders in Kingstanding

Issues to consider when your lawyer is not on your Lender's panel

Panels of solicitors are maintained by mortgage lenders in order to undertake legal work on mortgaged properties. Lenders have also reduced the size of their panels, setting more restrictive criteria for membership. To proceed where your Kingstanding lawyer is not on a mortgage lender' s panel, you have the following options:

  • Try to obtain a mortgage from another lender who will instruct your Conveyancing solicitor.
  • Instruct another firm of Conveyancing solicitors who are on your lender's panel to handle your Conveyancing.
  • Continue with your present Conveyancing solicitor, but accept that a separate firm will also act for the lender, and that you will have to pay their costs in addition.

It is usually cheaper to have the same firm act both for you and your lender, and carry out all the conveyancing work in connection with a purchase and the mortgage.

Trees in Kingstanding

The impact of Tree Preservation Orders

In cases where houses have been built on land subject to an existing tree preservation order (TPO), it will be necessary to obtain a copy of this TPO from the council to check the plan. This is necessary to confirm whether this existing TPO directly affects the newer property. Anyone proposing to cut down a tree in Kingstanding (under the exemption that is dying, dead or dangerous) is advised to give the council five days notice before carrying out the work, except in an emergency.

Conditions placed on Kingstanding developers requiring them to plant trees during construction do not necessarily imply a TPO is in place. By obtaining copies of any TPOs impacting your property before you go on the market, you will improve your chances of a faster transaction when you do find a buyer.

Conveyancing for your Remortgage

Fridaysmove's remortgage experts handle work for property owners intending to remortgage their house, and charge cheap fees, with no additional fees.

These Kingstanding conveyancing solicitors will be able to act for lenders across the country. The communicative approach used by our conveyancing solicitors could increase the chance that completions can take place sooner.

Compare conveyancing fees for Kingstanding solicitors

Home mover legal costs for property buyers and sellers in Kingstanding break down into disbursements and legal fees.

Solicitors fees are the amounts that the buyer or seller pays to the Kingstanding conveyancing solicitor for completing the conveyancing.

Conveyancing disbursements, like a Homecheck Pro Flood Report - Further Action or a Data Report, are just 3rd party fees incurred by the Kingstanding conveyancing solicitor on your behalf.

The key to comparing Kingstanding solicitors costs is to investigate the conveyancing property lawyers terms of business. Terms include conveyancing fees for handling apportionments on leasehold transactions.

Environmental in Kingstanding

Is your Kingstanding house or flat at risk from any serious environmental concerns?

Reports of land contamination, sickness and falling house prices have brought this issue to the forefront of buyers' minds. Your Kingstanding Conveyancing Solicitor will usually perform a search of a variety of records of issues, including

  • the historical use of the land,
  • past contaminants and polluting processes,
  • landfill,
  • waste treatment sites,
  • nearby toxic substances,
  • the probability of radon gas, and,
  • the risk of subsidence and flooding

As an Environmental Search is a review of data and records held by various sources, it does not cover unknown contaminants or environmental risks. Liability could pass to the owner of a property if the council cannot identify the original person responsible for the contamination. Buyers should be aware of this, as the costs can be considerable.

The technical report behind the environmental searches conclusions may also be available. If you wish to review this, you should confirm its availability with your solicitor.

Kingstanding council tax (Bromsgrove District Council) in 2013/2014

When you are purchasing a property, your conveyancing solicitor will make enquiries on your behalf to establish the council tax banding of the home. Kingstanding council tax is set yearly by Bromsgrove District Council. Council tax for 2013-14 are as follows ;

Band A£ 841
Band B£ 981
Band C£ 1, 121
Band D£ 1, 261
Band E£ 1, 542
Band F£ 1, 82
Band G£ 2, 102
Band H£ 2, 52

Kingstanding New Build Conveyancing

As the market improves in Kingstanding and much of England and Wales and less stock is put up for sale, newly built houses are increasingly popular.

Things to think about when buying new build property include checking public rights of way over the property. By instructing your solicitor early, your move is more likely to complete sooner, and be less stressful.

West Midlands House Prices

YearAverage House Price (£ s)
May 2004 113, 806
May 2005 125, 353
May 2006 128, 650
May 2007 135, 615
May 2008 135, 205
May 2009 114, 264
May 2010 120, 753
May 2011 115, 655
May 2012 113, 951
May 2013 113, 751

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