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We are a national network of communicative and professional conveyancing solicitors, delivering our highly-recommended service to home buyers and sellers in Isle Of Anglesey. With the benefit of our legal knowledge, local experience, and a pragmatic, problem-solving approach, we will help you to move house faster.

We do not employ misleading marketing 'estimates' to attract clients, and do not sting you with additional charges. Your Isle Of Anglesey conveyancing quote includes a flexible No Move, No Fee guarantee, and we guarantee that the conveyancing fees are fixed.

Get a conveyancing quote for a house move now, or, alternatively, speak to a member of our conveyancing team on 0330 660 0286. You can instruct a Isle Of Anglesey solicitor online now, in less than 5 minutes, knowing that your house move is in safe hands.

Cheap property conveyancing in Isle Of Anglesey

If you are searching for cheap conveyancing in Isle Of Anglesey it is recommended that you always obtain 3 or more quotes and make sure you inspect the fine print for any supplemental fees . We use only the best value SRA-member conveyancers in Wales. Furthermore, in addition to cheap rates, our levels of service are exceptional and recommended by our customers.

Tips for completing Isle Of Anglesey conveyancing sooner

Our conveyancing solicitors in Isle Of Anglesey can take action to push your sale or purchase through to completion. This includes contacting other parties to reduce delays. Selecting a proactive conveyancing lawyer is one step towards improving the chance your home move will complete sooner, however there is a range of steps you can follow to speed up your move:

  • Send questions about the property you plan to buy to your solicitor as soon as you can
  • Send questions about the property you plan to buy to your solicitor as soon as you can
  • Complete and return questionnaires as soon as possible

If you are selling, some of these can be completed even before you accept an offer. This could easily cut a week or two off your transaction.

No Sale No Fee Conveyancing in Isle Of Anglesey

It can be sad when your Isle Of Anglesey home move falls through. Various causes may contribute to a move aborting e.g. a seller pulling out or a poor survey.

With our no sale no fee promise, you will not have to pay any legal fees in the event that your move does not go ahead.

Your deposit will be used on your next transaction so you only pay for disbursements, like office copies.

The Myth of Online Conveyancing

Home buyers and sellers who have worked with traditional, 'high street' solicitors for a previous move may believe that cheap fees marketed by a conveyancer they have found online are too good to be true, or indicates that poor communication is inevitable.

One assumption linked to 'online conveyancing' is that consequences to choosing a lower-cost online property lawyer. The reality is that there are slow and expensive firms with high street offices, and there are excellent solicitors who market online.

Though some house buyers like to visit their solicitor in person, it is not necessary. A pragmatic, proactive conveyancing lawyer should often move you faster than a lawyer you need to meet face-to-face.


Our remortgage specialists work on behalf of owners planning to remortgage their home.

Our conveyancing solicitors will be able to act for lenders and building societies nationally. Our communicative approach should increase the chance of completions will be occurring sooner, so you will benefit from your new rate sooner.

Tips on comparing Isle Of Anglesey solicitors conveyancing fees

Legal costs for buyers and sellers are comprised of two different parts called disbursements and fees.

The fees are the sums you pay to the Isle Of Anglesey lawyer for the actual conveyancing.

Conveyancing disbursements are basically 3rd party costs sustained by the conveyancer on your behalf for instance adverse rights indemnity insurance or a Crossrail 2 Report.

The key to comparing Isle Of Anglesey conveyancing solicitors fees is to carefully read the lawyers contractual terms.

New Build Conveyancing

If acquiring a new build home, buyers would generally expect to exchange contracts and commit to the purchase without actually seeing the home they are buying.

When buying a newly built home be sure to search for reviews and other information on your builder. Considering the time considerations of new build house purchases, you should consider proceeding to instruct your conveyancing solicitor as soon as possible.

Contaminated in Isle Of Anglesey

Is your new Isle Of Anglesey house residing on local authority defined (Isle of Anglesey County Council in Isle Of Anglesey) contaminated land ?

Isle Of Anglesey solicitor will conduct conveyancing searches to ensure the house you are purchasing is not built near Isle of Anglesey County Council (in Isle Of Anglesey) registered contaminated land. The Environment Agency advises that all over the UK, there are thousands of sites that have been contaminated by previous use, and if land on or near a property is recognised as contaminated within the statutory definition, this information will be included in a local search. Landowners whose land is contaminated may be liable for the cost of remedial works, and the cost implications can be substantial. Insurance to cover contamination-related issues may be recommended by your solicitor, if appropriate.

Landfill sites in Isle Of Anglesey:

  • Tywyn Trewan Landfill, Land / Premises At, Ynys Mon, LL65 3SW. The site has been classified as inert.
  • Nant Newydd Quarry 1, Nant Newydd Quarry, Ynys Mon, LL78 7JJ. The site has been classified as inert.
  • Rhuddlan Bach Quarry, Rhuddlan Bach Quarry, Ynys Mon, LL78 7JJ. The site has been classified as inert.
Roadandrail in Isle Of Anglesey

Road and Rail Works in Isle Of Anglesey

Council road and rail projects can be a major inconvenience, or boon, to local residents. People moving into the Isle Of Anglesey area should be aware of how these will affect their property. During the conveyancing process, a property lawyer will investigate proposed new road, alteration, widening or conversion to a dual carriageway, or, any proposed railway or tram line. Mortgage lenders may consider that a property will lose value if a particular project is undertaken, such as an adjacent rail line, and so may be unwilling to lend if this is suspected.

Disadvantaged in Isle Of Anglesey

Disadvantaged Areas in Isle Of Anglesey

Stamp duty relief may be available in nearly 2, 000 'disadvantaged areas' nationwide. Local government wards or electoral divisions are used to define the boundaries of these. Residential purchases under £ 150, 000 may be eligible for stamp duty relief. If it is thought that a property is in a disadvantaged area, but an online search does not confirm this, it may be necessary to make further enquiries with the local council. For a purchase below the threshold, it is worth making a simple postcode search to find out if a property is in a disadvantaged area.

Need more information regarding stamp duty relief? Call our specialist Isle Of Anglesey team today.

House Prices in Isle Of Anglesey

YearAverage House Price (£ s)
May 2004 108, 854
May 2005 130, 045
May 2006 139, 141
May 2007 153, 372
May 2008 155, 890
May 2009 131, 404
May 2010 135, 128
May 2011 130, 718
May 2012 133, 447
May 2013 125, 025

In July 2015, 1711 trusted Fridaysmove in Isle Of Anglesey and across the UK

Fridaysmove is a country wide network of conveyancers with branches all over the UK. Recent moves include:

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  • Purchase on Hafan Newydd Cottages, Gwalchmai, Holyhead, Sir Ynys Mon, LL65, £135,000
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