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In Darlington, North East England, and throughout England and Wales, home buyers and sellers choose Fridaysmove on the basis of our exceptional quality of service and the best value on the market.

We guarantee the conveyancing fees are fixed, and include a No Completion, No Fee guarantee.

Get a conveyancing quote to find out how affordable your conveyancing fees will be, or, if you wish, speak to a conveyancing advisor on 0330 660 0286 if you have any questions.

Cheap Darlington conveyancing lawyers

It will pay to always get at least 3 quotes whenever you are searching for cheap conveyancing solicitors in Darlington and always go through the small print for additional fees .

We provide affordable SRA-member conveyancing lawyers in North East England. Furthermore, in addition to these cheap fees, service levels are both first rate and recommended by our clients.

Do you know if your Darlington dream home is in an Engish Heritage at risk conservation area?

Conservation areas are designated by Local Councils to control change in residential (and industrial) areas that people wish to protect from neglect. There are 9, 300 of them in the UK. However, sadly many are falling into a state of disrepair e.g. increase in unsympathetic replacement doors and windows - typically PVC.

The following conservation areas are reported as at risk:

  • Northgate - very bad, medium vulnerability and no significant change.
  • West End (formerly Stanhope / Grange Road) - fair, medium vulnerability and deteriorating.
  • Victoria Embankment - very bad, medium vulnerability and no significant change.

Contact Heather Grimshaw on 01325 388604 for more information.

You can also visit the English Heritage website for the latest info.

Advice for Fast Darlington Conveyancing

Your solicitor will take action to drive your move through to completion, meaning that they will chase the other parties, including the other side's solicitors, search providers, the managing agents and other parties in a chain. Choosing a quick conveyancer is one step to increasing the chance your home move will complete faster, however there are numerous steps you can follow to speed up your move:

  • If you are buying, send specific questions to your solicitor quickly
  • If you are selling, respond to any queries as soon as possible
  • Arrange (and pay for) management documents early

You can potentially shave a week or more off the conveyancing process with these suggestions.

No Completion, No Fee Conveyancing in Darlington

It is always very stressful when your Darlington property transaction falls through. Umpteen reasons can end up leading to the buying or selling process not exchanging, for instance the property chain falling apart or the lender refusing to lend.

With our no completion no fee promise, you will not have to pay for any legal fees should your sale or purchase does not go ahead.

Any deposit will be offset against another purchase or sale and you will just need to reimburse the solicitor for any disbursements, like searches.

The Myth of Online Conveyancing

While it is true that the quality of conveyancing varies greatly from firm to firm, service levels, speed or cost have nothing to do with whether a property lawyer markets their services online.

Although some property purchasers prefer to visit their solicitor, it is not necessary. A communicative, proactive solicitor should help to speed up your move more than a lawyer you need to meet face-to-face.

Remortgage Legal Work

Darlington remortgage conveyancing lawyers who work with us work on behalf of homeowners who wish to arrange a remortgage for their Darlington house or flat. Fridaysmove's conveyancing solicitors charge low solicitor's fees, with no hidden charges.

These Darlington solicitors will be able to act for building societies nationally.

Suggestions when comparing Darlington solicitors conveyancing fees

Darlington solicitors costs are made up of two individual components and are quoted as fees and disbursements.

Conveyancing disbursements, e.g. a Gas Pipeline Search, are just 3rd party charges incurred by the Darlington conveyancer and reimbursed by the customer. The solicitors fees are what is that the customer pays to the Darlington conveyancing property lawyer for handling the conveyancing.

The trick to comparing Darlington solicitors costs is to make sure you check the lawyers Ts & Cs before going ahead.

Darlington New Build Conveyancing

With the Darlington property market improving and fewer properties are available to market, newly built homes are an increasingly popular option.

If purchasing a newly built property you should visit other properties constructed by the same firm, don't rely on the show home. Given the tight time frame of new build purchases, proceeding to instruct your Darlington solicitor as soon as possible is advisable.

Darlington House Prices

YearAverage House Price (£ s)
May 2004 104, 055
May 2005 120, 668
May 2006 122, 427
May 2007 127, 655
May 2008 126, 731
May 2009 109, 403
May 2010 110, 459
May 2011 104, 285
May 2012 102, 437
May 2013 103, 230

In June 2018, 1,711 trusted us in Durham and across the country

Fridaysmove is a country wide network of solicitors with offices throughout the UK.

Recent completions include:

  • Freehold House Purchase on Linden Avenue, Darlington, Co Durham, DL3, £407,950
  • Freehold Sale on Guildford Close, Darlington, Durham, DL1, £176,500
  • Freehold Sale on Vancouver Street, Darlington, Durham, DL3, £106,500
  • Freehold House Purchase on Brawton Grove, Oakfield Lodge, Darlington, DL3, £138,500