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We are a nationwide network of proactive and communicative conveyancing solicitors, delivering our exceptional quality of service to home buyers, sellers and investors in Crewe.

We make it simpler to plan the finances for your move, keeping you in control. Unlike some conveyancing firms, Fridaysmove's conveyancers never add any hidden charges in the small print hidden charges in the small print, meaning no costly surprises when you get the conveyancer's final invoice. Your Crewe conveyancing quote is issued with No Completion, No Fee protection, and we guarantee that your quote is fixed.

You can get a conveyancing quote for a home move online now, or contact a conveyancing advisor on 0330 660 0286. We look forward to helping you with the conveyancing for your home move.

Cheap conveyancing in Crewe

You should always get 3 or more quotes if looking for cheap conveyancing solicitors in Crewe, and double check the solicitors terms for hidden fees . We offer the very best value SRA-regulated property lawyers in Cheshire. In addition to our cheap fees, service levels are both without compromise and highly recommended.

Do you know if your prospective new home is in a area designated as an at risk conservation area?

Conservation areas are designated by Councils to oversee change in areas that people want to protect from incongruous development. There are 9, 300 of them in the UK so most of us live near, if not in one Unfortunately however, many are being neglected e.g. parks and green spaces neglected.

The following conservation areas are reported as at risk:

  • Crewe Green, Crewe - fair, low vulnerability and deteriorating significantly.

You can also go to the English Heritage website for the latest information.

Increase the likelihood of completing Crewe conveyancing faster

Your conveyancing solicitor in Crewe will drive your transaction forward, this means that they will actively engage with other parties to reduce communication delays. Choosing a proactive solicitor is a step to improving your chance of completing your home move faster, however there is a range of steps you can follow to fast-track your conveyancing process:

  • Ask specific enquiries of your solicitor as soon as you can
  • Promptly complete and return forms and other paperwork quickly
  • Ask your solicitor to order searches early

You can potentially shave a week or more off the conveyancing process with these suggestions. If you are serious about completing faster, do not waste any time. Instruct a conveyancing lawyer in two minutes here, or call our conveyancing team on 0845 643 5785.

No Completion, No Fee Conveyancing in Crewe

It is distressing when a home move collapses before completion. Various events may conclude in the conveyancing not completing, such as a vendor pulling out or an adverse lender valuation.

With our no completion no fee assurance, clients do not pay for any solicitors fees in the unlikely event that your property transaction does not proceed.

The deposit can be used on another purchase or sale and you only need to cover any third party disbursements, such as property searches for example.

Online Conveyancing Solicitors

Home buyers, sellers and investors who have chosen traditional high street firms in the past might think discount fees quoted on a property legal website are indicative of a lesser service, or are almost too good.

An assumption made by many who avoid 'online conveyancing' is that downsides to selecting a lower-cost online conveyancer. In fact, there are fast, low-cost firms that market online, and there are locally-based but costly solicitors.

Although some home buyers prefer to see their property lawyer, it is not necessary. A pragmatic, proactive solicitor will help to complete your sale or purchase sooner than a lawyer you need to visit in person.

Crewe Remortgage Conveyancing

Remortgage conveyancers who work with Fridaysmove handle all the legal work for homeowners planning to remortgage their house.

These Crewe solicitors will be able to act for all of the major building societies and lenders. The results-driven approach employed by our property lawyers should improve the chance that completions should happen faster, meaning you can benefit from your new mortgage rate sooner.

Advice when comparing Crewe solicitors conveyancing fees

Crewe solicitors legal costs are comprised of two distinct components, specifically disbursements and fees.

Conveyancing disbursements are just 3rd party charges incurred by the solicitor on your behalf for instance a ChancelCheck. Solicitors conveyancing fees are the amounts you pay to the Crewe property lawyer for the actual conveyancing process.

The best approach comparing Crewe conveyancing solicitors costs is to check over the lawyers small print before signing.

Conveyancing for a New Build Home

As house prices continue to rise and less stock is put up for sale, new builds are increasing in popularity.

Concerns when purchasing a newly built flat or house include whether all relevant easements are addressed. By instructing your conveyancing solicitor early in the process, your move is more likely to complete sooner, and be less stressful.

House Prices in Cheshire East

YearAverage House Price (£ s)
May 2004 139, 231
May 2005 154, 118
May 2006 158, 623
May 2007 168, 128
May 2008 168, 732
May 2009 143, 359
May 2010 152, 041
May 2011 150, 322
May 2012 148, 176
May 2013 146, 397

In August 2018, 1,711 trusted us in Cheshire and throughout UK

We are a specialist network of conveyancers with over 70 offices all over the country.

Recent moves :

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  • Freehold Sale on Ennerdale Road, Crewe, Cheshire, CW2, £200,000
  • Freehold Sale on Grange Close, Crewe, CW2, £270,000
  • Leasehold Purchase on Ivatt Drive, Crewe, CW2, £75,500