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Conveyancing in Coalville need not be stressful. Fridaysmove's panel of communicative and professional solicitors are conveyancing specialists that assist 1, 000's of sellers and property purchasers every month.

We guarantee the solicitor's quoted fees are fixed, and include a No Move, No Fee guarantee.

Get a fixed fee conveyancing quote for a move online today, or speak to one of our conveyancing team on 0330 660 0286.

Cheap conveyancers in Coalville

It will pay to always obtain alternate conveyancing quotes whenever you are hunting for cheap conveyancing in Coalville. Additionally you have to study the formal official terms of business for hidden charges that can inflate the bill .

We only use affordable SRA-regulated house moving lawyers in Leicestershire. In addition to cheap fees, quality of service is without compromise and highly recommended.

Guidance for completing the legal work for your property transaction sooner

Your solicitor in Coalville will take action to push your sale or purchase through to completion. This includes contacting other parties to reduce delays. Additionally, there are several things you can do to speed up the move:

  • Ask your solicitor to order searches as soon as you can
  • Send specific enquiries to your solicitor as soon as you can
  • Turnaround your identification promptly

You can potentially shave a week or more off the conveyancing process with these suggestions.

No Sale No Fee Conveyancing in Coalville - Our Guarantee

It can be really stressful when a move falls through before completion. Umpteen causes may lead to the property transaction not completing, for instance personal reasons or the property is down valued.

With our no completion no fee guarantee, you will not have to pay for any solicitors fees if your sale or purchase fails to proceed.

Any deposit paid can be put towards another purchase or sale so you only pay for any third party disbursements, for instance managing agent information.

Online Conveyancing Solicitors

While it is correct that there is wide variance in the quality of conveyancing from solicitor to solicitor, fees, speed or quality of communication have hardly anything to do with whether a conveyancing solicitor markets their services online.

Although some buyers and sellers prefer to visit their conveyancing lawyer in person, it is not necessary. An attentive and pragmatic conveyancing solicitor will often complete your conveyancing faster than one who requires you to come to their office.


Remortgage-specialist conveyancers who work with us handle all the legal work for property owners intending to remortgage their house. Our conveyancing solicitors quote low solicitor's fees, with no hidden extras in their terms.

These Coalville property lawyers can act on behalf of all the building societies and lenders across England and Wales.

Flooding in Coalville

Flood Risk Assessment

Many homes across Leicestershire are susceptible to flooding. The recent expiration of a deal between insurers and the Government to provide cover for flood-risk homes has caused controversy. It is advisable to ask the vendor directly if the property or area has flooded before, and if so, what the impact was to the residence.

The Environment Agency regularly update their data for flood risks in Coalville and across Leicestershire, including a mapping tool for postcode-level reference.

Contaminated in Coalville

Are you buying a Coalville house that may be built near contaminated land ?

Coalville property lawyers will do comprehensive specialist searches to ensure the house you are purchasing is not built on local authority defined (North West Leicestershire District Council in Coalville) registered contaminated land. Industrial processes in and around Coalville that have now ceased will nevertheless often leave waste or residue that risks damaging the local environment. Searches for contaminated land do not initially involve any physical inspection, but are based on old records of land use. Purchasers of new build property around Coalville should be aware that brownfield sites have increasingly been developed. In such circumstances, it is vital that your solicitor check that the correct clean up work has been carried out. Risks associated with contaminated land include inhalation of hazardous dust, exposure to lead and other toxic substances, and water pollution.

Coalville landfill sites:

  • Bradgate Landfill, Leicester Road, Markfield, LE67 9RH. The site has not been classified.
  • Hanson Mill Lane Landfill Site, Heather Brickworks, Mill Lane, Leicestershire, LE67 2RD. The site has been classified as inert.

Comparing conveyancing fees for Coalville solicitors

Solicitors charges for Coalville buyers and sellers are comprised of two individual components, namely fees and disbursements.

Legal disbursements are basically through costs incurred by the property lawyer and passed on to the home mover e.g. a Regulated Drainage & Water Search or a FloodSolutions Brief. The solicitors fees are the sums you pay to the Coalville solicitor for the legal work.

The key to comparing Coalville conveyancing solicitors charges is to make sure you read the conveyancers terms before you instruct.

Terms can often include conveyancing fees for an indemnity insurance arrangement.

Coalville New Build Conveyancing

The lack of property has prompted increased new build construction. Pros when choosing new build homes include better security, but some of the cons include being on notice to complete by or on a specific date.

Things to think about when buying new builds include whether all relevant easements are addressed. Purchasers should secure their mortgage and select a solicitor as soon as they can.

Leicestershire House Prices

YearAverage House Price (£ s)
May 2004 143, 552
May 2005 156, 568
May 2006 157, 317
May 2007 166, 910
May 2008 167, 648
May 2009 141, 237
May 2010 149, 706
May 2011 148, 062
May 2012 145, 564
May 2013 145, 363

Council Tax in Coalville

When you are purchasing a property, your conveyancing solicitor will make enquiries on your behalf to establish the council tax banding of the home. North West Leicestershire Council is responsible for council tax in Coalville. The bandings for 2013/14 are -

Band A£ 1, 010
Band B£ 1, 179
Band C£ 1, 347
Band D£ 1, 516
Band E£ 1, 852
Band F£ 2, 18
Band G£ 2, 526
Band H£ 3, 03
Chancel in Coalville

Liability for Chancel Repair in Coalville

Homeowners throughout Coalville and Leicestershire are often unaware of this potential obligation to pay for church repairs. These upkeep costs can run into £ 100, 000s. Many purchasers and conveyancers argue that enforcement of this liability conflicts with the Human Rights Act, and a great deal of uncertainty surrounds the issue. Note that there is not a risk-free distance from a church which ensures that liability will not apply.

The Government's position on Chancel liability

Unlike tithes and similar obligations, chancel liability is unlikely to be abolished any time soon. Fortunately, however, churches are required to inform the Land Registry of liable houses by a 2013 deadline. Past this point, they will be unable to make a claim for chancel repairs for a registered property if this declaration was not made prior to the deadline.

Buyers should be aware that the situation is less clear for property which remains unregistered at the Land Registry.

Performing Chancel Liability Searches on Coalville houses

The Chancel Search, included in our standard search bundle, will confirm the likelihood of any chancel liability for the residence in question's parish. The residence itself may or may not be specifically affected. Indemnity insurance may be a better solution. Indemnity is available for both residential and commercial properties.

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Recent completions :

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  • Freehold Purchase on Cumberland Road, Coalville, LE67, £61,000
  • Freehold House Purchase on Kenmore Crescent, Coalville, Leicestershire, LE67, £146,500
  • Freehold Sale on Brooks Lane, Whitwick, Coalville, Leicestershire, LE67, £799,950

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