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Fridaysmove's national network of communicative and professional solicitors are conveyancing experts that advise home buyers, sellers and investors in Bristol and across the country.

Fridaysmove guarantee that the solicitor's quoted fees are fixed, and include No Completion, No Fee protection.

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Cheap house conveyancing in Bristol

Ensure that you always obtain 3 or more conveyancing quotes when hunting for cheap conveyancing in Bristol and always carefully read the terms of engagement for any hidden solicitors fees .

We only ever work with the most affordable SRA-regulated house moving lawyers in Bristol and Avon. In addition to our cheap fees, service levels are both unparalleled and recommended by our clients.

Do you know if your new home purchase in Bristolis designated as an at risk conservation area?

Conservation areas are designated by Local Councils to manage change in areas that people want to protect from neglect. However, sadly many are falling into neglect e.g. removal of boundary walls and hedges.

The following conservation areas are reported as at risk:

  • Stokes Croft - very bad, low vulnerability and deteriorating.

Contact Kingsley Fulbrook on 0117 9222966 for more information.

Alternatively see here for further information.

Guidance for Fast Conveyancing in Bristol

Our conveyancing experts in Bristol can take action to drive your move forward by chasing the other parties involved in the chain. Selecting a fast solicitor is a step to improving the likelihood of your home move completing sooner. However there are numerous steps you can follow to fast-track the move:

  • If you are selling, respond to any queries quickly
  • If you are selling, respond to any queries promptly
  • In the case of leaseholds, collect management information as early as possible

If you are selling, some of these can be completed even before you accept an offer. This could easily cut a week or two off your transaction.

No Sale No Fee Conveyancing Solicitors in Bristol

It can be exceedingly stressful when a transaction aborts at the last minute.

Thanks to our no sale no fee guarantee, home movers do not incur any conveyancers fees in the event that your sale or purchase fails to complete.

Your Bristol solicitors deposit will be transferred to another property sale or purchase and you will just need to cover any third party disbursements, such as managing agent packs for example.

Online Conveyancing Solicitors

Home movers and investors who have worked with traditional high street lawyers previously sometimes feel the low fees quoted on a conveyancer's website are too good to be true, or are suggestive of a lesser service.

The myth of online conveyancing is that there will always be downsides to choosing a cheaper online conveyancing lawyer over a high street firm. In truth, highly-recommended solicitors who market online exist, as do locally-based, but old-fashioned, slow firms.

Our network of solicitors offer the benefits of both approaches, including cheaper conveyancing fees, and the convenience of a solicitor you can meet in person.

Remortgage Conveyancing for homes in Bristol

Remortgage solicitors who work with Fridaysmove handle all the legal work for property owners intending to remortgage their property. Our conveyancing solicitors charge very low solicitor's fees, and hidden extras.

Our solicitors can act on behalf of lenders nationally.

Advice when comparing Bristol solicitors conveyancing fees

Bristol solicitors legal costs divide into a couple of different parts which are disbursements and legal fees.

Conveyancing disbursements are through costs sustained by the conveyancer on your behalf such as a Gypsum Search. Solicitors conveyancing fees are the sums paid to the Bristol property lawyer but the client for completing the legal process.

It is important to read the conveyancers official terms of business when comparing Bristol solicitors conveyancing fees.

Conveyancing for a New Build Property

If acquiring a new build property, purchasers would generally have to exchange and commit to buy the property before building work on the property is finished. There are unique pros and cons when purchasing newly built property. Pros include better insulation and hence energy efficiency, whereas negatives include the build schedule's potential for delay.

Things to consider when purchasing a newly built home include confirming that the contract allows for access via adjoining property, e.g. for repairs.

Gloucestershire House Prices

YearAverage House Price (£ s)
May 2004 157, 744
May 2005 168, 465
May 2006 175, 296
May 2007 191, 274
May 2008 191, 399
May 2009 158, 519
May 2010 172, 913
May 2011 168, 691
May 2012 170, 464
May 2013 171, 119
Listedbuildings in Bristol

Is the legal conveyancing process complicated if you are planning to buy a grade II listed house?

As part of the local search, a buyer's solicitor in Bristol will confirm whether a building is listed. Examples of particular construction techniques, including innovative design, may qualify a building to be listed. Anyone selling a listed property should ensure that their conveyancing solicitor has copies of all relevant planning consents, as well as any other associated documents and copies of plans which may be required by a buyer. Maintenance of listed buildings may require more costly materials.

Your solicitor may instead inform you that the property is, or contains, a scheduled monument, and is protected by a similar set of restrictions. Such properties include Acton Court, Bitton Roman camp, Brass Works at Warmley, and Bury Hill camp, Moorend.

Radon in Bristol

Deadly Radon Exposure in Bristol

Radon is a naturally-occurring radioactive gas, which occurs more in some parts of the country depending upon the local geology. It can build up in some homes, and therefore represents a potential health hazard. Bristol and North Somerset experience higher levels of the gas, but it rarely causes problems to house-owners. More recently-built properties will incorporate design features to prevent any build-up, and tests can be carried out if required on older properties to see if any remedial works are required.

Radon is the second largest cause of lung cancer and as a result forms part of the environmental search conducted by Conveyancing Solicitors in Bristol. In the past 30 years nearly half a million Radon measurements have been taken in England and Wales by the Health Protection Agency. The Bristol sample considered 7100 of the 102000 homes in the BS postcode district. The mean measurement found 85 Bq -3 with the highest recording being 1700 Bq -3.

Of the sample group 630 properties were considered over the Action Level. Extrapolated, this would mean that statistically 34960 properties will exceed the acceptable Radon level. If during the Conveyancing in Bristol, the environmental search carried indicates a high probability of Radon, it is possible to order a cost effective Radon test (roughly £ 50). To avoid delays during a sale, around a thousand pounds may be allocated for remedial works should a pending radon test prove positive.

Chancel in Bristol

Liability for Chancel Repair in Bristol

Many people in Bristol homes live nearer to a parish church than they realise. In some cases, what is known as a chancel repair liability arises as a result of this proximity. These upkeep costs can run into £ 100, 000s. This was thought, until very recently, to be largely unenforceable. Unfortunately, recent legal decisions have meant that many properties may, in fact, be liable.

The future of this liability in Bristol

The Government acknowledges that the existence of a liability for chancel repair will affect the value of the property in question. In many cases, this effect can be mitigated by relatively inexpensive insurance, but in order to make the process of identifying affected land as fast as possible, new legislation requires the church to register their interest before 2003.

The outcome of Chancel Liability Searches

Even though an in-depth search is specific to the property, it is still not definitive, as demonstrating liability may rely on obscure or ambiguous centuries-old records. If a liability is identified via this search, then indemnity insurance potentially may be harder to obtain.

Be aware that many mortgage providers will require indemnity insurance if chancel liability exists. On rare occasions, indemnity insurance might not be available. In the event that indemnity insurance is not available enquiries will be made to the relevant church as to the likelihood of a claim being made in the foreseeable future and also whether the church has any records of how many other properties will share the liability. Your conveyancing solicitor will then report back to you (and your lender) and advise accordingly. Arranging indemnity insurance is generally inexpensive and straightforward.

In October 2014, 1,634 trusted Fridaysmove in Bristol and across the country

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