Conveyancing Solicitors in Sheffield explain why sellers had to sign a statutory declaration

When Conveyancing Solicitors in Sheffield find a title defect on a property sale, they often require the sellers to provide a statutory declaration. This may be needed when the title deeds do not contain any clear evidence that the house has a necessary legal right, such as a right of way. Another situation that is often encountered is where there is a discrepancy between a title plan and the actual boundaries of the property being sold.

Such declarations are made in accordance with an Act of Parliament and can be admitted as evidence in any court proceedings.  Should a problem arise in future, one can be produced as evidence of the facts stated in it without having to find some previous owner who might have moved away from the area or died.  Consequently they will be retained with title deeds so that Conveyancing Solicitors in Sheffield can pass them over to subsequent purchasers when a home is sold.  

Sheffield Conveyancer Jaaine Intharajah was acting on the sale of a home in Halesworth Road, Sheffield, S13 in 2010. The vendors had owned the property for less than two years. That meant that if they had bought it for less than the full market price from someone who was subsequently declared bankrupt, the sale could be set aside by the trustee in bankruptcy.

Conveyancing Solicitors in Sheffield confirm no "Transfer at Undervalue"

The Conveyancing Solicitors in Sheffield acting for the buyers, Taylor and Emmett of 890-892 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S11 8TP asked for the sellers to give a declaration that they had not purchased at an undervalue.  

A suitable document was quickly prepared by Jaaine, and once it had been agreed she sent it to her clients. They had to go to the offices of another local Solicitor and sign in his presence. These documents do not have to be sworn before a commissioner for oaths, nor is any religious form of oath required.

The sale was then rapidly completed, with agents Heppenstalls of 286 Handsworth Road, Sheffield, S13 9BX complimenting Jaaine for achieving a quick sale. Get a quote now for Conveyancing Solicitors in Sheffield and get moving fast.