Conveyancing Solicitor in Manchester completes on purchase of mid-terrace abode

Conveyancing in Manchester for a mid-terrace abode on Cavendish Avenue, Manchester, M20 was carried out by Solicitor Serina Abay on behalf of purchasers, Mr. and Mrs. M.

Documentation supplied by the vendors, including the seller property information form, was found to be out of date, to which Serina requested fresh copies.

The official copies from the land registry revealed a Conveyance of the land dated 26 June 1959 which contained the following provisions:

  • the walls and fences separating the property and the adjoining land of the vendors are party walls and fences repairable by the owners of the property separated thereby in equal shares,
  • all chimney stacks, flues, gutters, fall pipes and water pipes usages and things in the nature of easements or quasi-easements including rights of light, air and drainage used and enjoyed for the mutual benefit of the property,
  • the adjoining property belonging to the vendors shall continue to be so used and enjoyed notwithstanding the severance of ownership

A transfer dated 12/11/1973 also contained a series of restrictive covenants which were reviewed by Serina and brought to the attention of the purchasers.

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Standard searches for Conveyancing in Manchester were carried out via the local authority district, Manchester City Council, at the Town Hall, Albert Square, Manchester, M60 2LA. Findings of the search revealed a nearby rail scheme for a Didsbury extension to the Manchester metro-link tramway system.

Local search results do not always include information for the broader area and specific enquiries should be brought to the attention of your handling Conveyancing Solicitor who can then raise enquiries to the council on your behalf.

Conveyancing in Manchester on behalf of the vendors was carried out by Salehs LLP, located at Didsbury House, 748 Wilmslow Road, Manchester, M20 2DW. Handling the sales marketing for the sellers, including the negotiated purchase price of £230, 000, was the Brimelow estate agent branch at 748A Wilmslow Rd, Manchester, M20 2DW.

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