Conveyancing Solicitors in Leicester highlight importance of examining title deeds

One of the main priorities of Conveyancing Solicitors in Leicester when working on purchase transactions is the examination of the title deeds to ensure that the vendor is entitled to sell the home. The deeds will also have details on whether there are mortgages on the property and whether or not anyone else has an interest in the land. They are also useful in gaining information on boundaries and any rights of way.

Conveyance of a freehold dwelling by Solicitors in Leicester

The buyers of a dwelling on Pickering Road, Broughton Astley, Leicester, LE9 were assisted by Solicitor Fayruz Cahill who handled all the legal matters in relation to their purchase.

A deed of Conveyance dated 3rd October 1997 imposed a lengthy list of covenants upon purchasers of the property. This information was supplied by the handling Conveyancing Solicitor to the buyers, Mr. and Mrs. H, so that they were fully aware of these restrictions.

 The following are some of the stipulations that were described in the document:

  • Maintenance of fence on sides to the satisfaction of the company
  • Cultivation of all undeveloped parts as a garden in accordance with the rules of good horticulture and husbandry and not at any time to permit any goods, materials or refuse not normally found upon residential premises to be placed or kept on the land
  • Not to erect any building other than once private dwelling house with usual out offices and the cost reckoned at the lowest current price in labour and materials shall be not less than £35, 000
  • Not to carry on or permit to be carried on any wholesale or retail trade or business or manufacturing or use or permit to be used working machines of any description (other than normal domestic machines)
  • Not to plant poplars or other quick or vigorous growing trees within a distance of 6 feet from the boundaries (other than the road boundary) of the home hereby conveyed or within 25 feet of any building
  • Not to paint, distemper, whitewash, colour-wash or otherwise cover over any part of the exterior of any dwelling, garage or any other building

It is crucial that Conveyancing Solicitors in Leicester, when working on behalf of buyers, fully educate their clients about any restrictions or rights that will affect them as the title deeds may not be available for reference in the future. For example, if there is a mortgage on the property, the documents will be held by the lender and will not be available for easy reference.

In addition to examining the details of the residence, standard searches for Conveyancing in Leicester were also carried out via Hinckley and Bosworth Council at Argents Mead, Leicestershire, LE10 1BZ.   There were no adverse entries in the results of the searches, enabling the transaction to progress towards completion.

The vendor’s Conveyancing Solicitors in Leicester was the Bray and Bray branch at Spa Place, 36-42 Humberstone Road, Leicester, LE5 0AE.

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