Conveyancing Solicitor checks for building regulation consent on Conveyancing in Portsmouth.

It sometimes comes as a surprise to homebuyers that Conveyancing Solicitor do more than just deal with the property transfer as part of the conveyancing process. This was what Mr and Mrs A found when Property Lawyer Gemma Farguson was carrying out the Conveyancing in Portsmouth for them.

They had agreed to buy a terraced house on Aston Road, Southsea, Portsmouth, PO4  through agents Fry and Kent of 13 Broad Street, Old Portsmouth, Hampshire PO1 2JD. The Conveyancing Solicitors dealing with the Conveyancing in Portsmouth for the sellers were Woodgate and Company at 95-97 Palmerston Road, Southsea, Portsmouth, Hampshire PO5 3PR. They rapidly sent Gemma a draft contract with copy of their clients' registered title, together with the usual information forms which had been completed by the vendors.

Gemma checked through all these documents, and amongst other things she noted that the sellers stated that the house had been re-roofed a few years before. As Gemma was aware, although re-roofing generally does not require planning permission, building regulation approval will be required where more than 25% of the area is involved.

Potential problems for buyers if consents have not been obtained.

Unfortunately work of this type is often done without the proper consent being obtained, which can lead to difficulties when a home is sold. Conveyancing Solicitors acting for purchasers will check that any works previously carried out have been approved, as otherwise there is the possibility of the local authority taking enforcement action against the new owners.

Also works which have been done which do not conform to regulations may be sub-standard. Old roof timbers may not be strong enough to carry the weight of heavy modern roof-tiles, leading to the roof sagging or even collapsing. It is therefore an important part of Conveyancing in  Portsmouth for Property Lawyers to make sure that all required consents have been obtained and that everything is in order.

Gemma asked for a copy of the completion certificate to be provided as confirmation that the re-roofing had been inspected by Portsmouth City Council's building control department. A copy was soon provided, so Gemma was happy to advise her clients that they could proceed without worry. Had a certificate not been available then it might have been necessary for the vendors to have obtained retrospective consent and arrange for an inspection to be carried out, which would have involved them in extra expense and caused unnecessary delays.

As soon as the clients had received their mortgage offer contracts were exchanged and an early completion date agreed.

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