Conveyancing Solicitors in Bristol protect against unexpected flat charges

Conveyancing Solicitors in Bristol often find buyers of ex-council flats who are unaware that Bristol City Council still owns the freehold of these properties.

The council will still carry out regular repair and maintenance for the block, and recovers the cost of this by way of service charges payable by the flat-owner.

Bristol Conveyancing Solicitors should point out that in addition to these regular charges, flat-owners can also receive bills running into thousands of pounds for major building works carried out by the local authority as landlord. They are obliged to bring all their housing stock up to current government standards, including blocks where some apartments are privately owned. Leases contain provisions requiring owners to contribute to the cost of any such works even if they are improvements rather than ongoing maintenance.

Property Lawyer Irene Bonsu-Amoako acted for buyers of a property on Silverhill Road, Bristol, BS10. The Conveyancing Solicitors in Bristol acting for the sellers were Sharples and Co of 62 Gloucester Road, Bishopston, Bristol, Avon BS7 8BH, and the agents were Andrews of 4 High Street, Westbury on Trym, BS9 3DU.  

Conveyancing Solicitors in Bristol discover planning for major works

Irene asked them to obtain management information from the council. She was particularly concerned to see if there were any outstanding bills for the cost of major works, whether any work had been carried out, or was planned which had not yet been billed. When a leasehold property is sold, the buyer becomes responsible for any outstanding charges, so Conveyancers in Bristol have to check that sellers do not owe anything, and that the buyer will not receive unexpected bills.

Irene was able to ascertain that nothing was outstanding for works which had been already been completed, and there were no plans for any work at present. She was able to reassure her clients that they would not receive any substantial bills in the immediate future, but had to advise them that the council could still carry out major works on the block at a later date, for which they could potentially receive a large bill.

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