Conveyancing Solicitors in Bristol confirm access to rear garden

When a road which is not publicly adopted provides the only means of access to a home, any attempt to block that access will be a major issue for the new homeowner, as Conveyancing Solicitors is Bristol should confirm. It may seem ridiculous, but in such circumstances the new owner could find it very difficult to enforce their right to access their own home - unless, that is, their Property Lawyer has taken the proper precautions.

Even if a house fronts a public road, the use of another access route can also be important. Rows of terraced buildings frequently have rear access drives which provide the only means of access to gardens and rear garages.

When Conveyancing Solicitors in Bristol acting for the buyers of such a residence find that the seller has had difficulties in using an access road or path, they must report this to their clients.

Conveyancer Amanda Gandham undertook the purchase of a freehold residence on Birchwood Road, Bristol,  BS4 for Mr and Mrs B. Countrywide Property Lawyers were carrying out the Conveyancing for the sellers. Their agents were Taylors of 20 Sandy Park Road, Bristol, BS4 3PE.

On receiving a copy of the land registry title and plan, Amanda noted that there was an access drive running between the rear gardens of the houses in this road and those in the next one. This enabled the owners of the terraced homes to have access to their gardens.

Conveyancing Solicitors in Bristol ask "Is there a legal right to use the rear access?"

The search, carried out by Conveyancing Solicitors in Bristol with Bristol City Council, The Council House, College Green, BS1 5TR indicated that the drive was not a public highway. Amanda therefore needed to see that there was a legal right to use it.

Many registered titles do not mention whether a residence has a legal right of way over such drives, but fortunately in this case it was clearly included. Amanda asked for confirmation from the sellers that they had been able to use it without any difficulty. She also recommended that her clients inspect the area, to make sure that the driveway was in fact clear and could be used.

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