Conveyancing Process - Requisitions on Title

Requisitions on Title are a set of conveyancing questions raised by the buyers conveyancing lawyers to the sellers conveyancing lawyers. The conveyancing questionnaire will usually take the form of the Law Society's standard Completion Information and Requisitions on Title form designed to ensure that certain key information is obtained prior to completion of the conveyancing transactions. Most conveyancing firms will have a standard response (though there are certain details which will need to be amended as appropriate). An example of a non law society form is set out below.


Please confirm that the written information given by or on behalf of the seller prior to exchange of contracts is complete and accurate.   (This includes Sellers Property Information Form Parts I and II, Sellers Leasehold Information Form Parts I and II, Replies to Pre-Contract enquiries and correspondence between us. )


If vacant possession is to be given on completion:-
(a) What arrangements will be made to hand over the keys?
(b) By what time will the seller have vacated the property on the completion date?

If vacant possession is not being given, please confirm that an authority to the tenant to pay the rent to the buyer will be available at completion.


Do you hold all the title deeds? If not, where are they?
Please list the deeds and documents to be handed over on completion.
If the land/charge certificate is on deposit, what is the deposit number?  If it is not on deposit and will not be handed over on completion, please put it on deposit now and supply the deposit number on completion

Will completion take place at your office?  If not, where will it take place?
If we wish to complete through the post, please confirm that:

(a) You undertake to adopt the current Law Society’s Code for Completion by Post, and:

(b) The mortgages and charges listed in reply to 6. 1 are those specified for the purpose of paragraph 3 of the code.


Please state the exact amount payable on completion.   If it is not just the balance purchase money, please provide copy receipts for any rent or service charge or other payments being apportioned.

Please give:
(a) Name and address of your bank

(b) Sort Code

(c) Your Client Account Number to which monies are to be sent

Please list the mortgagees or charges secured on the property which you undertake to redeem or discharge to the extent that they relate to the property on or before completion (this includes repayment of any discount under the Housing Acts)

Do you undertake to redeem or discharge the mortgages and charges listed in reply to 6. 1 on completion and to send to us forms DS1 or the receipted charges as soon as you receive them?

IMPORTANT:  These replies should be signed only by a person with authority to give undertakings on behalf of the sellers conveyancing firm