Conveyancing in Portsmouth – A guide to contaminated land issues

Portsmouth has a long naval and industrial history and as a result, has a high potential for contaminated land issues. Fridaysmove ’s Solicitors routinely consider contamination in all Conveyancing transactions to highlight concerns to our clients. If potential land contamination or a historic use of an area is identified in the local and environmental searches, further enquiries are often made to the council. This is crucial as it may be a condition of a mortgage company that an environmental search is carried out and that any potential issues are resolved prior to lending.

Our panel of Solicitors have worked on numerous transactions in the Portsmouth area and are equipped with the knowledge and experience needed to facilitate Fast and Expert Conveyancing on behalf of our clients.

Gemma Farguson headed our Portsmouth Conveyancing team on a purchase transaction for a home on Aston Road, Southsea, Portsmouth, PO4. The house was valued at approximately £193, 000.

Portsmouth’s History

As mentioned, the city of Portsmouth has a complex development history. Portsmouth is confined by its island location and as industry and ownership has changed the land has under gone multiple phases of development. Mapping has indicated that as much as 20% of the current land area has been reclaimed from the sea by drainage and land raising activities. Approximately 10% of the current land area has been reclaimed by tipping of waste. Most of the tipping was undertaken before 1974 when pollution control legislation was first introduced in the UK. The military owned large tracts of land across the city which has affected all districts of the city.

More information and details about Portsmouth are available from the local authority district, Portsmouth City council, at Guildhall Square, Hampshire, PO1 2BG.

Why is land contamination so important in Property transactions?

If it is revealed that your Property is an affected area, remediation will be required to restore the area to its required use. Living on land that is contaminated can be hazardous to your health and can also affect the resale value of your home, which is why our Conveyancing Solicitors make it a priority to thoroughly investigate this matter so that home owners feel safe with their purchase.

Gemma liaised closely with the seller’s Conveyancing Solicitor, Woodgate and Company, to ensure that all matters were dealt with in a timely fashion and that both parties were happy with the contract provisions.

The Woodgate branch covering Portsmouth is located at 95-97 Palmerston Road, PO5 3PR.

The estate agent was Fry and Kent at 13 Broad Street, Old Portsmouth, PO1 2JD.

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