Fast purchase transaction of freehold house in Plymouth

Conveyancing in Plymouth Solicitor Gemma Farguson recently completed on the purchase of a freehold mid-terrace dwelling located on Sconner Road, PL11.

The local authority for properties in the Plymouth area is located at Armada Way, PL1 2AA and is the main resource for many of the standards searches carried out by Conveyancing Solicitors during property transactions.

Acting on behalf of the vendors was Trobridges Solicitors, whose Plymouth office is located at 1 Ford Park Road, Plymouth, Devon, PL4 6LY.

Documents provided to Gemma by the vendors’ Conveyancing Solicitor did not reveal any significant issues and the transaction progressed without delays.

The official copies from the land registry revealed a notice of home rights under the  Act 1996 in favour of the civil partner of the vendor care of Howard & Over Solicitors at 114 Albert Road, Devonport, Plymouth, PL2  1AF dated January 18th, 2007. Gemma had to be satisfied that the appropriate consent was obtained by the vendor in order to facilitate the transfer of the property to her client without any issues.

The following mortgages were also registered against the property, which had to be discharged to allow the sale to go through:

  •  (08. 11. 2002) REGISTERED CHARGE dated 25 October 2002 to secure the moneys including the further advances therein mentioned.
    (23. 10. 2007) Proprietor: BANK OF SCOTLAND PLC (Scot. Co. Regn. No. SC327000) of Halifax Division, 1 Lovell Park Road, Leeds LS1 1NS.
  • (11. 04. 2006) REGISTERED CHARGE dated 28 March 2006.
    (11. 04. 2006) Proprietor: FIRSTPLUS FINANCIAL GROUP PLC (Co. Regn. No. 3315543) of FirstPlus House, The Avenue Business Park, Pentwyn, Cardiff CF23 8FF.

The estate agent handling the sales marketing for the vendors was Richard Dolton at 67 Fore St, PL11 2AA.

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