Penarth property search reveals risk of coastal flooding and erosion

Fridays’ Penarth lawyers have increasingly become concerned about the risks of coastal flooding and erosion in the area. The cliffs on which Penarth are built are limestone and alabaster which are soft rocks and have eroded a lot, even in modern times, so it is not advisable to go to close to the them.

This should not be discouraging information for potential buyers. Your Conveyancer will investigate the measures being taken by the local council to manage coastal erosion risk and reduce the risk of flooding. A water and drainage search, which is included in the Conveyancing process, will assess your property’s susceptibility for flooding.

Jaaine Intharajah was instructed to handle the Conveyancing for Mr. M who purchased a home on Summerland Close, Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan, CF64 in September 2010.   Environmental concerns were not a worry for Mr. M as Jaaine was clear in communicating the council’s roles and responsibilities to protect residents and thus relieving his fears.

The property, valued at £165, 000, is situated within the local authority district of The Vale of Glamorgan, located at Holton Road, Barry, CF63 4RU.

The seller’s Conveyancing Solicitor, Jeffrey Green Russell, also helped to reconcile matters by ensuring Jaaine and her client that the property being purchased had never been affected by any natural disasters in the past.

Produced by the estate agents, the Watts and Morgan branch covering Vale of Glamorgan, the property's memo of sale detailed the seller's Conveyancing Solicitor, and was swiftly obtained before receiving the letter with draft contract papers.

Overall, it was a smooth transaction, which was a relief to all parties concerned thanks to the Local Conveyancing expertise of our Fridaysmove team in conjunction with Watts and Morgan and Jeffrey Green Russell.