Conveyancing in Oxford - Tips to help you move faster

Fridaysmove recommended Solicitors are used to handling all types of Conveyancing in Oxford, involving the many different types of home found in the city. This includes not only freehold houses, but also the many leasehold flats and apartments found in the city.

Older Properties in the city

For most Conveyancing in Oxford the days of title deeds are long gone, as most local property titles are now registered at the land registry. While some Conveyancing Solicitors may miss the bundles of old documents which a seller had to produce to show ownership of a property, all that is now necessary to show title is a copy of the land registry’s records. While the old documents may be of some interest to historians, they now have no part in modern property Conveyancing in Oxford.

Unregistered Titles in Oxford

Solicitors in the city do sometimes come across a house with an old unregistered title. It has been necessary to register titles on all conveyances completed in the City of Oxford since 1954, but if a property has not changed hands since that date then the title may still be unregistered. In that case the seller’s Conveyancers will have to obtain the original title deeds and send copies of these to the buyer’s Property Lawyers to enable them to verify the seller’s title in the old-fashioned way. Since the title will have to be registered after completion, the Conveyancing Solicitors acting for the buyer will be anxious to ensure that they will not have any problems with the registration.

The land registry has been encouraging owners to apply for registration of unregistered Oxfordshire homes, and there are good reasons why owners should consider this. Not only does it make it easier to sell or mortgage the property in due course, but it can help guard against property fraud and identity theft. It also helps to protect owners against anyone else claiming to have a possessory title (or ‘squatters’ rights’) to land, and Conveyancing Solicitors working with Fridaysmove are ready to help with matters of this sort.

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