Conveyancing in Nottingham, Housing Act Charge delays Transfer

From the papers received from the sellers Conveyancing Solicitors in Nottingham, Freeth Cartwright LLP, it was apparent to the Fridaysmove Team that there was a Housing Act Charge and that this could hinder the transfer of a property in Eltham Drive.  It was imperative that the Conveyancing Team in Nottingham ensured that this financial charge was repaid so that the client, Ms M did not inherit the debt.  

The freehold property was valued at £48, 000 and was located in the local administration authority of Nottingham Council.  Land Registry documentation further revealed that the property was subject to rights/restrictions/covenants of a transfer dated February 1987, thus further investigation was required to ensure that these restrictions were fully complied with.  

The estate agent, Thomas James branch covering Nottingham provided the memorandum of sale detailing the vendors property lawyer shortly before receiving the contract papers.  

Local and Environmental searches requested by Conveyancing Solicitor in Nottingham, Laura Gill revealed no further delays and  the matter was completed in October 2009.