Solicitor handles purchase next to Newbury rail station

When acting for buyers of property which are situated in close proximity to Newbury rail station, there can be some surprising legal ramifications.

There's no doubt rail and motorways have their uses, and living next to one can provide the benefit of convenient travel across the country, say for commuters travelling into the larger city centres where property prices may be prohibitive. Fridaysmove Conveyancer, Katie Clark, handled the purchase Conveyancing for Miss W for a semi-detached house on Pound Street in Newbury in February 2010. The property was located less than a five minute walk from Newbury rail station and detailed Conveyancing enquiries had to be made to ensure that this did not present any restrictions to the needs and expectations  of the buyer. There can be several potential barriers to purchasing in such a location, such as building restrictions, ownership, and maintenance. Building works can be affected when working in the vicinity of high voltage overhead electricity cables and network approval would be needed before commencing. It is wise to inquire about boundary lines and surrounding ownership as it is a criminal offence for anyone to enter onto railway-owned land.

The local authority for this home is West Berkshire council, Market Street, Newbury, RG14 5LD.

Hillier and Wilson sold the home on the vendor's behalf, via their branch covering Newbury, at Bartholomew House, 64 Bartholomew Street, Newbury, RG14 7BE.

For rights and restrictions which may affect the purchase,  reference should be made to the property's title, and it should be noted that there are statutory powers of entry onto adjoining land in circumstances where repair is required, or in order to prevent an accident, according to railway legislation.