Conveyancing in Manchester – Fast transaction despite minor setbacks

If you’re looking to buy or sell a house in Manchester, then Fridays-approved Conveyancing in Manchester Solicitors can assist you towards a Fast completion.

Conveyancing Solicitor Dawn Thomas has handled many transactions throughout the Greater Manchester area and has gained invaluable knowledge about the local area and common property concerns.

In November 2009, Dawn worked on a transaction on behalf of Mr. and Mrs. W who were purchasing a house on Wingate Drive, Whitefield, Manchester, M45, which was valued at £230, 000.

Upon examining the land registry documentation, Dawn noticed that there were a number of restrictions on the property which dated back to 1949. To ensure that all works and renovations carried out to the property were in compliance with these restrictions, Dawn consulted the seller’s Property Lawyer; Howarth Goodman Solicitors at 8 King Street, Manchester, M60 8HG.

Caution was also taken to avoid issues and delays as the property was sold under a grant of probate.

The local area and environmental searches revealed that there is a risk of radon gas exposure in the area which could affect properties. Dawn conducted thorough inquiries to ensure that her clients would not be directly affected.

More information about the risk of radon exposure in the M45 area and its effects can be found by consulting the local authority district, which is Bury borough council -

When both parties were content with the provisions of the contracts, Dawn negotiated a completion date for her clients to move into their new home.

The estate agent was Alex Dines at 118 Bury New Road, Whitefield, Manchester, M45 6AD.

Our efficient and contemporary Conveyancing service means we can help large numbers of people move and buy homes every year, so you can rest assured that your Conveyancing transaction is in good hands.

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