Conveyancing London Leasehold Houses – How to acquire the freehold if the freeholder is missing?

The Fridaysmove Conveyancing London Team have received an increasing number of leasehold house owners in London who want to acquire the freehold of their house but the freeholder in missing.

The Leasehold reform Act 1967 enables leaseholders, if they qualify, to apply to the County Court to acquire the freehold. However, leaseholders will be required to demonstrate that you have made all reasonable attempts to locate the landlord/freeholder.

In many cases an enquiry agent may be useful in carrying out a search and use his/her report as evidence that the freeholder is indeed missing. Our London Conveyancing Team can put you in touch with an enquiry agent.   It is wise to seek advice from a conveyancing solicitor both on investigating the freeholders absence and the application to the County Court.

The law for the freehold purchase of a leasehold house does differ in a number of ways from flat lease claims. The major difference is the way in which, a leasehold owner can purchase the freehold of the house or (in limited cases) a lease extension. The law governing this area of the law has been amended numerous times since 1967 and various questions which have reaches as far as the House of Lords including decisions on whether the property is a 'house'.

Should you be looking to purchase the freehold of your leasehold property in London our Conveyancing London Team would be happy to talk to you.

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