Conveyancing in London – Provisions of lease agreement examined

Conveyancing in London for a leasehold flat on Palmer Road, London, E2 was carried out by Conveyancer Katie Clark on behalf of Mr. and Mrs. S. Katie had to pay special attention to the details of the lease agreement, highlighting relevant rights and responsibilities to her clients. This is an important aspect of all leasehold transactions, even where the lease has passed through many hands.

A copy of the agreement was obtained from the seller’s Solicitor, Hutchins and Co, at 85 Lower Clapton Road, Lower Clapton, London, E5 0NP.

Covenants on behalf of the lessee included the following:

  • To pay the reserved rent on the days and in manner aforesaid without any deduction whatsoever.
  • Pay and discharge all existing and future rates, taxes, duties, charges, assessments and outgoing whatsoever whether parliamentary, parochial or otherwise payable by law in respect of the demised premises either by the owner or occupier thereof and to keep the lessor fully indemnified against all claims, demands, proceedings, costs and expenses in connection therewith.
  • From time to time as may be reasonably necessary during the term (but in any case at intervals of not more than five years) and also in the last three months of the term granted by this lease (whether determined by effluxion of time or otherwise) in each case calculated from the date specified in paragraph 1 of the particulars to the reasonable satisfaction of the lessor’s surveyors to paint twice with good quality paint and paper varnish colour and grain all the inside parts of the demised premises respectively heretofore or usually painted papered varnished coloured and grained such decorations in the last three months of the term to be executed in such colours, patterns and materials as the lessor shall require.

Standards searches for Conveyancing in London were carried out via Tower Hamlets Council at Mulberry Place, 5 Clove Crescent, London, E14 2BG. There were no significant issues or concerns revealed in the search results, enabling Katie to progress to the next stage of the transaction.

Once Katie and her clients were satisfied with the provisions of the lease and all other matters, she was able to negotiate a completion date that was convenient for both parties.

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