Conveyancing in Liverpool - Septic Tank Drainage & Legal Requirements

Drains are not the most exciting of topics, but some important advice for those Conveyancing in Liverpool was contained in Saturday's edition of the Liverpool Echo,   aimed at home owners whose properties have septic tank drainage.

New regulations require all existing septic tanks, as well as ones now being installed, to be registered with the Environment Agency by the end of 2011.

The paper reports Kevin Ross, Head of Conveyancing and Property Law at Liverpool Solicitors Brown Turner Ross, as saying that these regulations are soon to become very important for those buying or selling a property locally, and looking for Conveyancing in Liverpool. People trying to sell a property with an unregistered septic tank or who are unable to provide the correct documentation will find that mortgage lenders will not release the funds for the buyer to complete the transaction.

Although most homes in urban areas drain into public sewers, some houses may have septic tanks where it was not possible to make a connection to a sewer at the time the house was built.

Of perhaps more importance to the majority of home owners in Liverpool is the forthcoming transfer of privately owned sewers and drains located outside of your property boundary (known as lateral drains) to United Utilities. These pipes are currently the responsibility of the owners of the properties they are connected to, but as from 1 October 2011 will become the water company's responsibility.

This will remove the burden of responsibility away from property owners, who can face potentially expensive costs or complex ownership issues when problems occur with these pipes. It should also reduce the need for Solicitors Conveyancing in Liverpool to make extensive enquiries about drain and sewer connections when acting for property purchasers.

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