Conveyancing Liverpool Properties – Top Tips for Purchasing in Liverpool

1. There are 34 Conservation Areas in Liverpool ( e.g. Castle Street, Rodney Street, Lark Lane and Toxteth Park). Conservation areas protect the parts of  Liverpool that have a special architectural or historic interest. Like so many other areas in England has various designated conservation areas which differ in, size, character, as well as style.   The various Conservation areas are to be found throughout Liverpool. You should liaise with your conveyancing solicitor as to whether or not the property you are purchasing is within a conservation area as this may affect your ability to obtain planning permissions for changes  you may wish to make to the property you are purchasing.   In some circumstances, it may necessitate specific consent even for the smallest works that normally occur as "permitted development" without the need for permission are likely to require planning permission from the Council. This covers most minor household structures and alterations affecting external appearance, including replacement windows for which the Liverpool Council has issued separate guidance (see ).        

2. You can search Liverpool City Council’s  planning system to get up-to-date information on planning applications Liverpool Council  have received by using our Planning Explorer (please note, only applications validated after 1st December 2007 will have application forms and plans documents available to view). If you are purchasing a property in Liverpool why not take advantage of the freely available information regarding planning applications that may be applicable to properties within the street where you are proposing to purchase. Your conveyancing lawyer is not obliged to provide you with information relating to planning applications for surrounding properties ( and it will not be revealed in the Local Authority Search, Conveyancing pre-exchange searches or HIP)  so it for you to  check out this information.

3. If you intend to purchase a newly built property in Liverpool there is a possibility that there will be restrictions within the deeds relating to parking.   Property lawyers with experience in conveyancing Liverpool properties should know where to look to find any such restrictions (it may well be that the restrictions are contained within a planning document known as a Section 104 Agreement, or the Lease of the property).   This may be something that you wish to check with your conveyancing solicitor if your conveyancing is not being conducted by the New Build Team at Fridaysmove .

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4. A number of leasehold properties in Liverpool are managed by Liverpool Council, who will also be the landlord of the property.   When purchasing a leasehold property in Liverpool managed by the Local Authority  you should specifically look to find out information about future works to your building as the Local Authority will have very detailed plans for future works for all properties which the Local Authority are the freehold owner.   Sometimes major works or maintenance/service charge works can be very high.   Clearly, you do not want to purchase a property only to find out that there are major works planned as you could be faced with a significant bill shortly after purchase.   Please ensure that your conveyancing solicitor makes appropriate enquiries.

The above information is not intended to be a comprehensive list of investigations that a competent property lawyer would carry out but merely represents a sample of the issues that may apply to a conveyancing transaction in Liverpool.   Fridaysmove would obviously be delighted to represent you on a purchase of a property in Liverpool but if you do not wish to use our services, then we would still recommend that you engage the services of a property lawyer who is familiar with conveyancing Liverpool properties .

The conveyancing lawyers at Fridaysmove have carried out hundreds of conveyancing Liverpool  properties and HIPs over the last few years ( including conveyancing many new build developments in Liverpool).   Should you have any questions relating to conveyancing in Liverpool please ask to speak to one of our conveyancing lawyers in the Liverpool Property Lawyers Team.

Although we sincerely hope you use Fridaysmove conveyancing  set out below some conveyancing firms who have experience is Conveyancing Liverpool transactions. It is not a comprehensive list or an endorsement of their conveyancing services. We are not affiliated to any of the conveyancing firms listed and we make no representation about the conveyancing services offered by such companies. We provide contact information for private individuals or property professionals to make contact with such conveyancing firms. We make no warranties or guarantees in connection with the conveyancing offered by such companies. It is up to the individual's sole discretion as to which service would suit the individual's needs when considering a home sale or purchase.